Markus Ejenas CV



Markus Ejenas


Education management / teaching
200610-   Course Director and Teacher in Organizational Behaviour, Executive MBA program, Stockholm School of Economics Russia. 40 students. Teaching in English. Responsible for development of all teaching in the organization & leadership area for SSE Russia.
2001-2006   Course Director and Teacher in Organization & Management, Bachelor program, Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia. 120 students. Teaching in English.

200710-   Design of training programme for a group of international IKEA managers. Sub consultant for SamSari AB.
2001   Process analysis in Development of Intranets. Sub consultant for Mira Network AB (
2000   Organization Design of Course Administrative Processes. Consulting project for Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship (SSES).
1999   Evaluation of Course Administrative Processes. Consulting project for Stockholm School of Economics.
9806-9809   Survey of EMU preparedness among Swedish companies. KPMG Management Consulting i Stockholm.

Selection of Publications
Ejenas, M. and A. Werr (2005),   Merging Knowledge: A Study of Knowledge Management in a Consulting Firm Merger. Challenges and Issues in Knowledge Management. A. F. Buono, Information Age Publishing.
Ejenas, M. and Lowstedt, J. (2002),   Fusion eller hardsmalta? - Om kompetenssynergier. In: Lowstedt, J. and B. Stymne (red), Scener ur ett foretag - Organiseringsteori for kunskapssamhallet. Lund: Studentlitteratur.

0006-   PhD studies, Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). Writing a thesis on learning processes in mergers & acquisitions.
0507-0512   Guest Researcher at ESADE, Barcelona, Spain. ESADE's MBA program is ranked by Business Week as Europe's third best.
0308-0407   Undertook as one of three teachers at the SSE International Teachers Program, educator training program with participators from HEC, IMD, INSEAD and Stern
0211   "Effective Groups and Leaders". 1 week leadership training focused on small group leadership and development.
95-00   Master of Science in Business Administration, SSE. Majors in Control and Organization & Leadership.

199703-9803   Vice President, SSE Students' Association. Responsible for main sponsorship contracts, (approx. 500.000SEK), IT-strategy and external relations with other students' associations and alumni.

Swedish   Mother tongue
English   Fluent