Admission to the MBA

Why the MBA program in Executive format from SSE Russia?


SSE Russia offers two programs


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    EMBA General Management 
is focused on leadership, management efficiency and business processes optimization. The program includes such traditional management basics as strategy, organization behavior, marketing, accounting and financial analysis, operations management, HRM, knowledge management, TQM and Business Excellence. 

Program starts in December 2013


    MBA program in 
Executive format in Russian is an absolute equivalent of the EMBA Programs of the Stockholm School of Economics, taught in English. Learning and assimilation of the business concepts and management models that are successfully implemented in the western countries and could be put into practice here in Russian turbulent economical situation is the main aim of this MBA Program in Executive format. If the only obstacle on your way is the language barrier your choice is evident!

Program starts in January 2014




Please, contact our Business Development Manager:

    Victoria Kostikova
in St.-Petersburg

tel.: +7 921 791 21 11


September, 26th in Moscow 
and St.Petersburg 

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