Education Process


Interactive Education Style

All our programs are interactive. There may be lectures, seminars and team work, where our participants express their points of view on a par with the teachers. It helps to summarize, comprehend and use more effectively and systematically the participants' valuable experience.

Team Work
Team work is an effective method and a basis of the whole education process. Program participants obtain interaction experience in teams. They learn and understand various roles, leadership styles, opportunities and restrictions of different communication types, peculiarities of collective decisions.

Business Games and Simulations
By taking decisions in strategy, finance, marketing and staff management on a risk-free game field, participants of our programs have a chance to feel the consequences. It will help them to realize how managers' decisions may influence the result in real-life conditions.

Business Cases
Business case is one of the most effective and exciting education forms. Work on cases allows program participants study other companies' experience, adopt their colleagues’ experience and reveals the process of decision making in teams.

Modular Format
Module is a several-day period, which is dedicated only to the studies. Due to this scheme education becomes more effective. After coming back to work in several days program participants take a fresh look at their work and approach to current problems solution from a new angle.

Provocative Thinking
We do not give ready solutions to our students. We teach to raise right questions and offer to use other companies’ experience taking into account specific character of one’s own Company, sector and economics in general. This approach allows program participants to find their own optimal solution of any problem.

We unite academic knowledge and teachers’ (consultants and practitioners of business) experience with practical experience of each participant. Due to the knowledge and experience synergy program participants make a qualitative leap in understanding their Company’s business. They acquire fresh look on the Company’s problems solution.

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