Financial Times confirmed the leading position of the Stockholm School of Economics

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     Financial Times confirmed the leading position of the Stockholm School of Economics

   For the first time Stockholm School of Economics' branch in Saint Petersburg participated in the ranking.

   In the annual Financial Times rankings list of leading Executive Education management and leadership programs, published on May 27, the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education program maintained its leadership in the Nordic region, advancing to 6th in Europe.

   The Stockholm School of Economics (SSE) Executive Education participated for the third year in The Financial Times, and remains the leading executive education provider for Northern Europe (defined as Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Baltic States, Germany, Poland, Russia, and the Benelux countries). 

   SSE's Business Education is World Class

   The Financial Times ranking covers the leading business schools, universities, and other institutions offering different forms of management and leadership programs. These programs are evaluated using a total of 22 criteria, as well as interviews and surveys with program participants and purchasers of programs, and quantitative information provided by each institution applying to the rankings. Such criteria as preparation, new skills and learning, international location, and partner schools are considered.

   Ranked Among the Best in Europe

   In this year's rankings, the Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education organization placed 6th in Europe and 19th internationally. The chief consequence of this placement is that the Stockholm School of Economics is perceived internationally as being in the top ranks of European schools and comparable to London Business School, Insead, and IMD. 

   The Financial Times' evaluation of SSE Executive Education's custom programs was significantly higher than in previous years, with an overall ranking of 5th in Europe and 16th internationally. 

   "We believe that we differentiate ourselves from many of our international competitors because we put enormous amounts of time into creating unique customized programs for each client, arising from each corporate client's strategic goals, their existing competence profile, and what they desire to improve upon to increase their future potential. Our ambition has always been to be a strategic partner to the companies that we work with," says Erik Swartz, Chief Operating Officer and Dean of SSE Executive Education. "Through our work together, we seek to make a timely contribution to each client's competitive ability both now and in the future." 

   Quality of Education

   "We see our mission in Russia in promoting and developing the best standards of European and international business education. High evaluation by Financial Times will contribute to further realization of this mission" - stated Ass. Prof. Jan Eklof, Rector and President of SSE in Saint Petersburg. 

   "We are very pleased that our focus on quality Swedish leadership education has been recognized in such an internationally prominent ranking as The Financial Times. We will continue to strive to improve in every qualitative and quantitative criterion, as we work to meet the challenging demands of our clients and participants. We will work systematically to achieve a higher ranking in the future," said Hakan Hederstierna, Chairman of SSE in Saint Petersburg, CEO of SSE Executive Education. 

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