One of the Best articles about Human Resource Management in 2009 from SSE Russia authors

The award is awarded by the Academy of Management.   Their paper was published in the Journal of International Business Studies which is the leading academic journal in the field of international business.  Their paper shows what types of HRM practices work best in Russia and how this differs from other countries.  Models developed in and findings from Innovative and Russian-relevant research like this is brought into the classroom at SSE Russia and is one factor that differentiates SSE Russia from many other schools.  

More specifically, the paper investigates the extent to which different human resource management (HRM) practices work better in different countries. The authors also try to open the black box between HRM and multinational enterprise (MNE) subsidiary performance by considering mechanisms through which HRM practices affect MNE subsidiary performance. The study utilizes a unique data set consisting of subsidiaries of 241 MNEs operating in Russia, USA, and Finland. In the partial least-square analysis used to examine hypotheses, the authors  demonstrate that different HRM practices are preferable in different countries, and that it is important for firms to have HRM practices which facilitate both employee motivation and ability (they are important mediating variables) which in turn leads to superior subsidiary performance.  Training and Internal Communication are shown to be HRM practices of special importance in Russia relative to other countries. 

The reference for the full article is: 
Fey, C.F., Morgulis-Yakushev, S., Park, H.J., & Bj?rkman, I.  2009.  Opening the black box of the relationship between HRM practices and firm performance: A comparison of MNC subsidiaries in the USA, Finland, and Russia.  Journal of International Business Studies, 40: 690-712.

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