Peter Hagglund appointed CEO for IFL at Stockholm School of Economics

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Peter Hagglund appointed CEO for IFL at Stockholm School of Economics

The board of directors at IFL at Stockholm School of Economics (IFL at SSE) has appointed Peter Hagglund, PhD, as new chief executive officer. The appointment will be effective June 5, 2006. 

Mr. Hagglund earned a PhD degree from the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE). He has been active at SSE as lecturer and researcher in its Department of Management and Organization. He currently serves as academic director for the Executive MBA program in Stockholm. As CEO, Mr. Hagglund will assume responsibility for IFL at SSE’s activities in Sweden as well as for its daughter companies in Norway, Finland, Russia and Belgium. 

IFL at SSE employs around 100 staff and serves as the executive education arm of the Stockholm School of Economics. In 2005, IFL at SSE had sales of around 25M€, and conducted over 100 open programs and more than 120 customized programs throughout the Nordic/Baltic region. 

“After a broad and comprehensive recruiting process, the board of directors has decided that Peter Hagglund is the right person to lead IFL at SSE in the increasingly international market for corporate and executive development. Peter possesses not only a solid base in the academic world, but a genuine understanding of the company. His personal and professional abilities, his energy and enthusiasm, are precisely what is required to successfully lead IFL at SSE into the future,” says board chairman Hans Tson Soderstrom. 

Mr. Hagglund’s first priority will be to lead the development of IFL at SSE from its current position as a leader in the Nordic market to its goal of being one of the top executive education companies in Europe.

“I look forward to my new responsibilities with great enthusiasm. I am honored to have been chosen to lead the company during this critical phase of its development as a new post-merger organization. My work as CEO will be made easier by inheriting a company with a strong balance sheet and impressive program offerings. My assignment now will be to ensure that the new company IFL at SSE makes use of the academic strengths and knowledge within SSE and its many academic partners, in our relationships with our valued clients. I am also eager to assist my skilled and experienced colleagues at IFL at SSE in our common goal of building an even better and more competitive executive education organization,” says Peter Hagglund.

Jan Eklof, dean of SSE Russia, comments: “We now look forward to even more intensive cooperation within the SSE Group, and certainly to see the academic links flourish in order to enhance the development of solid executive training offerings on the CIS market via SSE Russia”.

For further information, please contact:

Hans Tson Soderstrom, adjunct professor, chairman of the board for IFL at SSE.
Tel: +46-(0)70-813 28 20 / +46-(0)8-586 175 45, e-mail:

Peter Hagglund, newly appointed CEO for IFL at SSE
Tel: +46-(0)70-860 28 88, e-mail:

Peter Rover, Marketing and Communications Director, IFL at SSE
Tel: +46-(0)70-249 42 24 / +46-(0)8-586 175 33, e-mail:

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About IFL at Stockholm School of Economics

IFL at SSE is the result of the 2005 merger between the former Stockholm School of Economics Executive Education and IFL, the Swedish Institute of Management. Both of the organizations specialized in executive education and had their roots in the Stockholm School of Economics. The merger created a stronger actor on the Nordic market, prepared to compete in the increasingly internationalized market for executive education programs and services. 

IFL at the Stockholm School of Economics' vision is to strengthen companies, organizations and individuals through development programs and efforts of the highest possible international quality.

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