Pulkovo airport together with Stockholm School of Economics Russia and Ernst&Young conducted training in implementation of lean production tools

Participants together with representatives of Stockholm School of Economics and Ernst&Young studied experience of work of Pulkovo on implementation of lean production and also practiced methods of search for possible production losses at the example of organization of operational processes in the new terminal of the airport.

In 2014, Northern Capital Gateway, managing company of Pulkovo airport, conducts active implementation of lean production principles. By now, the company achieved significant success in optimization of a number of production processes.

Yana Donskaya, HR director of Northern Capital Gateway and alumna of EMBA program of Stockholm School of Economics Russia:

- Our company is open for any dialog now, we are ready to share our experience and achievements not only in the field of aviation but also in other areas. For example, we actively share experience of organization of relocation of production activity to the new terminal with our colleagues from other airports, we organize annual professional conference for HR specialists who work in the field of compensations and allowances and we regularly share experience of development of leadership composition of our company. A possibility to discuss practical examples and real achievements in the field of development of the lean production system is very important for us. We are sincerely ready to share both our achievements and our failures. Due to such approach someone will have a possibility not to repeat the mistakes that appear inevitably in the process of transformation of a huge enterprise we really have something to be proud of and to show to our partners – only a very professional and motivated team can complete an ambitious very difficult project in a strictly determined timeframe and fully fit the budget limitations. Of course, we will have to improve many things because the first year of life of the new terminal is not over yet. But we develop very quickly and get adapted to modern conditions. Northern Capital Gateway company is open for any cooperation in the expert community and is ready to support constructive dialogs that will be efficient for all participants of the process.

Evgeny Terukov, head of corporate programs of Stockholm School of Economics Russia:

- Our cooperation with Northern Capital Gateway was a very valuable supplement to the educational program. One thing is to listen to lectures, to analyze cases and to project lean production tools to you processes and quite a different thing is to feel "in the shoes" of consultants for implementation of these tools. Such role lays significant responsibility on participants and sets increased requirements to the result, which indisputable increases motivation of students and the effect from education. I also hope that some recommendations of our students may be tested in practice and will allow confirmation of achievements of Northern Capital Gateway in implementation of lean production.

Sergei Lisitsky, senior manager of EY, head of consulting in the field of improvement of business efficiency in St. Petersburg:

- This was a very interesting experience of creation of practical training on a live site of new Pulkovo terminal for employees of an organization from a fundamentally different industry. In cooperation with Northern Capital Gateway we managed to offer interesting tasks to participants of the training for further improvement of the airport that were fulfilled. I am glad that Pulkovo airport has demonstrated real openness and readiness to cooperate and has shared its knowledge in the field of implementation of lean production tool and employees of Gazprom Neft have shown an ability to fulfill difficult practical tasks in conditions new for them.

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