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Olga Loseva
Olga Loseva, Executive Director

 SSE Russia is currently undergoing a very dynamic phase where the strategic reorientation of the last few years starts to pay off in full. This means that we will have to strengthen our organization accordingly thus being able fully to spend resources also on the next strategic leap ahead. In order to do so SSE Russia introduces, as from April 15 2008, a new position of  Executive Director the aim of which is to have the overall operational responsibility for all SSE Russia programs, meaning both our MBA and our executive programs.

It's a great honor for me to announce that  Ms Olga Loseva, former Head of Executive Programs, and of the SSE Russia Moscow site, has agreed to take on this position. Ms Loseva, an SSE MBA graduate and an MD by training, has an extensive career in the international pharmaceutical sphere before joining SSE Russia in year 2006. With her managerial qualifications and commercial experience I can think of no one better suited for this high-profile position.

Olga Loseva will, just as Finance Director Tatiana Mitina and Academic Director Johnny Lindstrom, report directly to me in my role as Dean of SSE Russia.

Stockholm April 14, 2000

Dr Anders Liljenberg

Associate Professora

Dean SSE Russia

December 3, 2007

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