Stockholm School of Economics and Russian Railways (RZD) signed a memorandum on interaction in implementation of the corporate educational program of RZD holding in modular format Executive MBA

Addressing students of the program, Vladimir Yakunin said:

This is a fundamentally new program that is based on traditions and competence of Stockholm School of Economics and takes into account peculiarities and needs of the young employees of RZD. This year the program will be represented in a broadened format and two best graduates will receive a possibility to pass a full course of education in Stockholm.

In a response speech Dr. Lars Bergman said that Stockholm School of Economics had a centennial experience of education, worked closely with 110 companies and valued partnership relations with the biggest business company Russian Railways especially much.

During the event the invited professors of Stockholm School of Economics, Russia were also given certificates and symbols of gratitude to Stockholm School of Economics, as well as badges "170 years of Russian railways."

SSE Russia corporate educational program for RZD holding is implemented in the framework of the strategy of development of the human resources potential of RZD. It is intended for training of top managers who strive for further development, acquisition of new knowledge, improvement of competences and broadening of the horizons of thinking and is an important step for obtaining of business education recognized all over the world.

Candidates for the role of students of the program are selected in accordance with requirements of Stockholm School of Economics, Russia all candidates should have such qualities as availability of managerial experience and leadership potential, career progress, motivation for education and teamwork skills.

Thirty-five specialists passed the course of education successfully last year. Forty employees of the railway sector participate in the corporate educational program of RZD holding in modular format of SSE MBA Executive this year.










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