Stockholm School of Economics became a partner of ROSNANO in the field of business education

The program was developed specifically for Connector Optics, Russian-German company working in the field of innovations, and has to help employees of the company to obtain the knowledge and to develop the business skills necessary for strategic planning and sales on international markets.

Dr. Anders Liljenberg, Dean of Stockholm School of Economics, Russia, says, "Success of a company on the international and domestic markets is composed of many factors but a well balanced team of professionals is the determinant. It is important to understand that a brilliant engineering team cannot create and implement a brilliant marketing strategy without due education and understanding of the market."

Lecturers of Stockholm School of Economics, Russia will let the students look inside of all business processes of the organization and thus to obtain a whole picture of functioning of the company. Employees of Connector Optics will study the main methods of strategic analysis and modern tools of strategic planning. The successfully studied course will result in a strong team of professionals with a high level of managerial culture aimed at development of the company.

Leonid Karachinsky, general director of Connector Optics, says, "One of the main problems of Russian hi-tech companies today is insufficient experience of business vision. The companies have technologies but do not have a clear understanding what they should do to them in conditions of the international market."

About Stockholm School of Economics

Stockholm School of Economics Russia is an international business school established in 1909, successfully managed from Sweden and having representative offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.
In Russia the school opened its doors in 1997, offering high-quality international programs of education for successful businessmen with global thinking and managerial experience on the educational market. For more than ten years Executive MBA programs, as well as corporate and public programs in various areas of business have had a steady demand on the market of business education. At present, Stockholm School of Economics Russia is the only Russian school represented in the rating of business schools of Financial Times.

About Connector Optics

Connector Optics is a hi-tech innovative company established in 2009 in St. Petersburg for the purpose of creation of a facility for production of optical components for super high-speed data transmission via optical communication lines. Investors of the company are ROSNANO, VI Systems GmbH and URALSIB.

At present, Connector Optics possesses protected technology and know how for production of super high-speed (up to 40 Gbit/s) vertically emitting lasers and photo detectors of 850/980 nm range. The products represent economically efficient solution for local data transmission networks (LAN), information storage networks (SAN), active optical cables for computing systems, as well as optical interconnection links of consumer market: USB, HDMI, DisplayPort.

About public joint-stock company ROSNANO

ROSNANO was established in March of 2011 through reorganization of state corporation Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies. ROSNANO implements the state policy for development of nano industry being a co-investor in nanotechnological projects with significant economic or social potential. One hundred of percent of ROSNANO shares belong to the state. Anatoly Chubais is the CEO of ROSNANO.

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