Stockholm School of Economics celebrates the Сentennial jubilee!

St. Petersburg, October 01, 2009

Press Release

Stockholm School of Economics celebrates the Сentennial jubilee!

Year 2009 is a jubilee year for the Stockholm School of Economics. This oldest educational institution of Sweden celebrates its centennial anniversary this year.

The celebration dedicated to this event began in January from a gala-event for employees of the school. Each department of the Stockholm School of Economics prepared its own festive stand and presentation of its activities.

Afterwards the holiday continued in May when all alumni of the Stockholm School of Economics were invited to visit alma mater and to talk to their colleagues and lecturers. More than 1,000 alumi who graduated from various programs of Stockholm School of Economics gathered in the building of the school at Sveavagen, the central street of Stockholm.

The culmination event took place in September. This was celebration of the centennial jubilee of Stockholm School of Economics in the City Hall, a meaningful place for all Swedes. The Blue Hall (the hall where the Nobel Prize is given) became the place of celebration of the jubilee of Stockholm School of Economics this autumn. 

In presence of Their Majesties the King and the Queen of Sweden President of the school Lars Bergman thanked the honorable guests, partners and professors and delivered a solemn speech dedicated to the jubilee. A banquet began after that. Its menu deserved the biggest praise. It consisted of cheesecake with comte cheese with smoked salmon, fillet of beef with autumn vegetables and pear terrine. The relevant wine was chosen for each dish.

His Majesty, the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustaf delivered a congratulating speech dedicated to the centennial jubilee of the school that ended the banquet. After the solemn banquet guests were invited to the ball in Golden Hall.

The holiday was crowned in the morning by a Night Cap party arranged by the students ogranization of Stockholm School of Economics.

More than 1,200 guests were present at the celebration.

* * *

In Russia Stockholm School of Economics opened its doors in 1997. Since then, it offers a whole spectrum of educational programs intended for the international higher education market. 

At present, Stockholm School of Economics is the only Russian school represented in the rating of business schools of Financial Times. 

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