A solemn ceremony of handing out of certificates of RZD holding and Stockholm School of Economics to graduates of the corporate educational program in modular format Executive MBA took place on October 21 in St. Petersburg.
President of RZD Dmitry Shakhanov said that 313 students from all railways of Russia and from some subsidiaries of the holding successfully completed education in eight years of the program's existence. By now, 41% of graduates of the program already increased their status at work.
This year, 41 employees of RZD holding including six employees of the Oktyabrskaya Railway received certificates of Stockholm School of Economics. These are: Roman Kudrov – director of the GR department, Marina Ostrovskaya – leading engineer of this department, Pavel Petrovichev – deputy director of the railway for territorial management, Anastasia Prokofyeva – director of the center for assessment, monitoring of the staff and youth policy, Roman Rashevsky – director of the Oktyabrskaya directorate of capital construction and reconstruction of objects and electrification and electricity supply and Nikolai Semenchev – director of the labor protection and industrial safety service.
A number of graduates of the school continued studying in Stockholm School of Economics in Russia. Eighteen people received certificates of completion of the full course of Executive МВА program and one of them, Maxim Badridze, scored 100 points out of 100 points possible, which was the second case during the entire history of work of the school in Russia. At present, 16 of graduates of the program continue education in the framework of full course of Executive МВА in Stockholm School of Economics in St. Petersburg.
Since 2011, the corporate program is a collective member of the board of guardians of the Temple of Saint Great Martyr and Faith Healer Panteleimon. In the framework of the solemn ceremony Alexander Rumyantsev, archpriest and beneficiary of the temple, awarded two best representatives of this group of graduates with memorable medals "For commemoration of signing of the Nystad Peace between Russia and Sweden in 1721."


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