RIA Novosti (News agency), October 16, 2013

Pavel Konkov was appointed as acting governor of Ivanovo Region after dismissal of Mikhail Men from this post. 
Konkov was born in Ivanovo in 1958.He graduated from the Moscow Textile Institute (now this is Moscow State Textile University named after A. Kosygin) cum laude.
He passed through a course in Stockholm School of Economics. He worked for the Klimovsk machine-building plant in Moscow Region. In 1984, he returned to Ivanovo and started working for Ivtekmash association where he had career from foreman to head of production. Since 1996, he worked for business structures.
He was director of department and afterwards technical director and president of Megapolis company.
He had the post of general director and chair of the Board of Directors of Kolobovo weaving mill.
He was executive director of finishing factory Krasny Oktyabr.In 2003, he was elected as member of the third convocation of the Legislative Assembly of Ivanovo Region. Between 2003 and 2004, he was chair of the Legislative Assembly.Since October of 2008, he was senior deputy chair of the government of Ivanovo Region and head of the economic development section of Ivanovo Region. 
In 2004, he became the head of the Ivanovo textile association. In 2008, he became chair of the Board of Directors of Yakovlevsky flax factory.He is chair of the Board of Directors of the Ivanovo textile association. Since 2008, he was chair of the regional division of the Russian Union of Entrepreneurs of Textile and Consumer Industries. He is deputy chair of the committee of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia for enterprise in textile and consumer industries. 
He is chair of the board of guardians of the Shuya orphanage. He was decorated with medal of order "For merits to the Fatherland" of the second degree (2004).
He is honorable textile worker of Russia. 
On October 16 of 2013, Konkov was appointed as acting head of Ivanovo Region.He is married and has two children in the family.According to declaration of incomes, in 2012 the overall incomes of Konkov exceeded 1.4 million rubles.  



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