It is worth while studying biography of Oleg Tsepkin, 48, former director for security of the Magnitogorsk metal works, advisor to the general director of Satka-based Magnezit factory, for political community and business community of Chelyabinsk Region. It is he who will receive a mandate of Federation Council member in case of election to members of the legislative assembly for Satka electoral constituency. Along with this, this may happen on the day when the future Federation Council member celebrates his birthday.
The candidacy of Tsepkin for the role of future Federation Council member was approved by the governor and legislative assembly back in April but no information was announced because authorities waited for primaries. At present, the regional parliament is represented in the Federation Council by Konstantin Tsybko. His powers will expire after the elections in September.
Tsepkin was born in Moscow Region in a family of professional officer. He grew up in Magnitogorsk and graduated from the mining metallurgical institute (now MGTU). He started working at MMK as foreman. His career developed quite successfully and in 1995 he already managed Emal, one of subsidiaries of the company. He graduated from the academy of economics of the federal government and Stockholm School of Economics in St. Petersburg. Since 1997, he was already occupied with audit in structures of MMK. In November of 2009, he received a post of director of the control department of the company. In 2010, he was elected as member of the municipal assembly. Between 2011 and 2013, he worked as director for security of MMK. In the last two years, he worked outside of Magnitogorsk as director for finance and economy of coal mining company Belon in Kemerovo Region and deputy director for resources of United Service Company. He is married and has two children.
When Tsepkin's name was put on the lists of voting of One Russia inside of the party for elections to the legislative assembly of the region many people presumed that Tsepkin would be elected in one of constituencies of Magnitogorsk. However, he was sent to Satka constituency where he became advisor to general director of Magnezit, acting member of the legislative assembly of the region Leonid Urmashov. Urmashov also takes part in the primaries, he is a leader and will be nominated from a single-mandate constituency.
Tsepkin will be nominated according to party lists. One Russia member should conduct the campaign so as to receive two mandates in Satka constituency according to result of elections of September 13. Further there is an ordinary procedure: at the first session of the new convocation of the legislative assembly members will elect a Federation Council member. It is impossible to rule out that the session will take place on September 15 when Tsepkin turns 49. He will hand in the mandate of a member of the regional legislative assembly and the mandate will go to the next person on the list, Vladimir Gorbunov, head of the staff of Magnezit.
If One Russia division for Satka manages to conduct the elections successfully it will receive two mandates: mandate of its member of the Federation Council and second mandate in the regional legislative assembly. The "cherries on the cake" will go to two other municipalities. This is restricted administrative territory Trekhgorny (a part of Satka electoral constituency) and Katav-Ivanovsky District whose Yuryuzan town also received "political registration" in the constituency. Naturally, Magnitogorsk will become the fourth territory that has a right to count on special attitude of the Federation Council member.
Colleagues both at MMK and in the legislative assembly of Magnitogorsk speak about Tsepkin as about skillful professional. One of the legislative assembly members told URA.Ru frankly, "He is a meticulous pedant! He is very much disciplined. This cannot be otherwise if he has commanded the entire security in Rashnikov's company. Incidentally, security agencies of Magnitogorsk respect him very much. He is on equal terms with them."

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