Q - My friend has become a freelancer and tries to persuade me to do the same but I am afraid that I will not be able to be my own boss. Is it necessary to have certain qualities to work at home successfully? Elena
A - If you have a hobby that can bring income, set down to business boldly. Work will bring joy and this means that you will not have to wait for a long time until the result! If you simply follow the friend having no goal of your own and striving for free schedule and tea with pastry at any time of the day, the discipline is under threat. You will always have to overcome yourself.
Q - Many times I have been asked at an interview "What do you expect from future work?" And I do not know what to say still. How to answer such question correctly? Yulia
A - Correctly means frankly. Companies look for people whose values coincide with values of their brand. At an interview the new employer wants to hear what exactly he buys, no matter how cynical this sounds. And any question has an implication: which benefit can you bring to us? I would advise you to answer that you look for an opportunity to grow and to develop together with the organization, to strengthen its image and to attract new resources. Of course, you can also add your own ideas but your answer should necessarily show that exactly the company will receive from your work.
Q – How to manifest myself in the new staff? I have come to the company quite recently and I do not feel at ease. Maria
A – Try to become necessary and useful. Invite everyone to communicate informally with a glass of wine after work or arrange a karaoke party. Get to know interests of the colleagues and, what is the most important, be open and ready for communication at any time. Ask questions: people like speaking about themselves and you will receive the necessary information for development of relations.
Q – What do I need to do if the boss does not give vacations to me because there is a lot of work? Svetlana
A – Try to shift the time of the vacations and to come to agreement with the colleagues so that they would replace you. It is possible to look for a probationer who will vacate you for the time of vacation for a line in the CV. Honesty in communication with the boss is very important. Of course, you may pretend to be ill and to return with bronze tan afterwards nothing daunted. But if work in this organization is dear to you do your best not to soil relations. If you bring talented probationers and postpone the vacations for two or four days, the boss will appreciate this for sure, you will see it.


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