In the Russian business community it is often possible to hear an opinion about absence of sufficient quantity of talented top managers in Russia. Along with this, experts are ready to name many examples when future managers "grew up" independently in a relatively short period of time from ordinary managers on account of their talents alone. Biography of I. O. Shirokobrod, one of the top managers of EVRAZ group, can serve as a perfect evidence of this. Which path did Ilya Olegovich Shirokobrod, 43, pass?
Ilya Olegovich Shirokobrod
Ilya Olegovich Shirokobrod was born in 1972. Year 1995 is the year of graduation from the St. Petersburg State Technical University with reception of profession of "engineer-physicist" (cum laude). There Shirokobrod also received degree of master of technical sciences. Ten years later, the future top manager graduates Stockholm School of Economics where he received degree of master of business administration.
The first place of his work was Melitta Russland company where Shirokobrod worked as sales manager. He continued reception of invaluable experience of trade in Tetra Pak, well known manufacturer of food packaging. Afterwards, there was Alcoa CSI that remained the world leader in production of caps from aluminum and plastic for closing of bottles with various beverages still. There Shirokobrod worked since 1999 until 2005 having passed a path from commercial director to general director of the Russian division of the company.
In 2005, he received a proposal from Centravis Limited that was the biggest manufacturer of seamless stainless pipes in the CIS then. Having changed several managerial positions, Shirokobrod managed to work in the sales department, work on development of the company's strategy, attraction of investments and general issues of business development.
Ilya Olegovich Shirokobrod: work for Evraz
Finally, in 2010 Shirokobrod was invited to EVRAZ (Evraz Group). Several big companies with the most diverse specialties work under this name. One of them is stevedore company Evraz Nakhodka Sea Merchant Port. Shirokobrod was entrusted the post of managing director of Trading Company EvrazHolding after which in 2011 he became vice president and head of "Railway Rolled Metal" division.
At present, Shirokobrod is vice president for sales of "Steel" division where he is responsible for sales of products. His competence includes not only activity of the division but also participation in management of Trading Company EvrazHoldng, EVRAZ Metal Inprom and East Metals AG division. Among the current powers of the top manager is also the role of curator of vanadium business of EVRAZ.

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