Gudok (Moscow), October 25, 2013


Yesterday, President of RZD Vladimir Yakunin handed certificates out to 38 graduates of the corporate educational program of RZD holding and Stockholm School of Economics in modular format Executive MBA.
In five years, almost 200 top managers of the company and subsidiaries of the holding got additional education. Yakunin reported that 38% of the alumni already climbed up the career ladder.
He remarked, "The quality of education is manifested by the fact that every year the quantity of people willing to study grows bigger. It is important for us that motivated and professionally trained and education people devoted to their business come to management of the company. That is why systematic establishment of the institution of visiting professors who add specific knowledge of social and economic situation that influences development of RZD corporation has key importance for us."
Along with traditional academic knowledge students also receive information from the field of practical economics. Motivation adds value to the program: students pay 30% Of the costs of education and the rest is paid by the company.
The best graduates receive an opportunity to pass through the full course of education in Stockholm School of Economics. This year, the company paid 70% of costs of education for five people and 100% for two people who scored the biggest quantity of points according to results of graduation exams.
Andrei Sidorov who received a grant for free education from RZD reported, "In the process of education we clearly understood that the changes happening in the company dealt with all of us. That is why we need new knowledge, experience and skills. We were lucky that we received a unique opportunity to make the most beneficial investments in our own brain."
Education for the next students began on the day of graduation of his group. Yakunin read a lecture to them dedicated to the topic "Role and place of corporate governance in the course of reforming of system-forming Russian companies into vertically integrated holdings."
On the same day, president of the company participated in a meeting of the Northwestern interregional coordinating council. On the eve of the event, Yakunin reported to Gudok, "We had many questions accumulated that required settlement."
For instance, it was planned to discuss problems of loss-free commuter transportation. We will report about this in detail in one of the nearest issues.




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