ON A BEATEN TRACK, Amera Carlos, Elena Dombrova, Elena Zborovskaya


Delovoi Peterburg (St. Petersburg), June 25, 2014
ON A BEATEN TRACK, Amera Carlos, Elena Dombrova, Elena Zborovskaya


In 2006, she received Executive MBA degree in Stockholm School of Economics Russia. Experience of work of Ekaterina in HR sector amounts to ten years. Ekaterina worked on the key posts in the field of HR management in the biggest Russian companies – leaders of oil and banking industries.

Former director of retail chains Х5 and Magnit in the Northwest Alexander Pavlov moved to Sberbank. Sources on the market presume that he owes the appointment to old relations with Lev Khasis who claims the post of the head of Sberbank and gathers his team for this purpose.
Yesterday, Alexander Pavlov who worked in retail trade for more than ten years was officially appointed as deputy CEO of the Northwestern bank of Sberbank. In the new capacity he will be curator of the administrative section and will be responsible for property issues. Pavlov confirmed his appointment but refused to provide detailed comments. However, it is known that he has been working in Sberbank since March on the post of advisor to CEO of the Northwestern bank of Sberbank. Representatives of Sberbank confirmed this information.
Sberbank is the biggest credit organization in the Northwestern Region. According to documents of the Association of Banks of the Northwest, it owns one-third of assets of banks in the region and about 57% of deposits of private individuals.
Useful experience
The biggest federal retail chain Magnit was the latest place of work of Pavlov. In Magnit Pavlov had the post of director of the Northern division. In this company he worked for 1.5 years. Previously, he worked in X5 Retail Group including work on the post of director of the Northwestern division for more than nine years. Overall record of Pavlov's work on managerial positions amounts to 26 years. However, he does not have experience of work in banks or on other financial structures.
Natalia Ivanova, deputy CEO of Baltinvestbank, says that despite this his appearance in the team of the Northwestern bank of Sberbank is justified. She explains, "Sberbank sticks to the opinion that successful manager who has established himself in one area will be able to cope with the tasks set in any other area with a high degree of probability."
General Director of ExPro Oleg Soltanov agrees with her, "Experience obtained by Alexander Pavlov during his work in retail chains will be useful because Sberbank is also a broad branched chain that should be managed well." According to Soltanov, retail is connected with majority of sectors of the economy this way or the other, which means that Pavlov should understand processes that go on in various areas of business well, which is extremely important for top manager of a bank.
The fact that Pavlov was responsible for expansion of retail chain Х5 Retail Group speaks in favor of Pavlov. The speed of growth of the banking sector is much bigger now than growth in the food retail.
According to Petrostat, between January and April of 2014 retail turnover in St. Petersburg decreased by 0.9% in comparison to January-April of 2013 to 307 billion rubles. Decrease in the food retail was bigger than in nonfood retail. Meanwhile, between January and April credit portfolio of private individuals in banks of St. Petersburg grew by 28.8% to 636.1 billion rubles and deposits of private individuals grew by 12.5% to 1.27 trillion rubles. In general, bankers single out the retail segment as a driver of growth of banking business. Mortgage and issue of credit cards manifest especially steady growth.
A well tested scheme
Experts presumed that the fact that Pavlov had his career in X5 in the period of office of Lev Khasis could serve as decisive factor for Pavlov's appointment. This version was confirmed by the fact that Pavlov was not the first person from X5 who was hired by Sberbank.
After former CEO of X5 Lev Khasis became senior deputy CEO of Sberbank in September of 2013 his former colleagues in X5 started joining the team of bankers actively: former deputy of Khasis in X5 Timur Shternlib works as vice president of Sberbank now, former HR director of X5 Ekaterina Stolypina became director of secretariat of Sberbank and Ekaterina Rodionova who was responsible for motivation of employees in X5 became director of the HR policy department of Sberbank. Ilya Belonovsky, former employee of X5 who has had the post of executive director of ACORT since 2008, is occupied with category purchases in Sberbank now.
Dmitry Kostygin, former co-owner of Lenta chain of hypermarkets who is occupied with other retail projects now, says, "It is understandable that Pavlov has been invited by Khasis. If they are acquainted personally it is logical for Khasis to hire the well-tested people who are suitable for him."
Retail market players presume that the fact that Pavlov is hired not for retail business but for administrative section may manifest far-going intentions of the manager. According to Kostygin, when the matter is about such huge companies as Sberbank novices seldom take the desired position at once and prefer entering the company first, looking around and adopting the full complex of their duties only afterwards.
Inspiring beginning
It is known that contract of CEO of Sberbank German Gref expires in November of 2015. At the annual shareholders' meeting in June, Gref remarked that he was going to prepare potential successors for himself. According to federal mass media, Khasis is one of the candidates for the role of the next head of the biggest bank of the country. In this case Pavlov may take the post of the head of the Northwestern bank of Sberbank.
As to the incumbent CEO of the Northwestern bank of Sberbank Dmitry Kurdyukov, several personnel reshuffles happened after his appointment. On the post of the head of the main office for St. Petersburg Oleg Golubentsev replaced Alexei Kolchik who decided to quit the bank. Andrei Sverdlov became the new head of the main office for Leningrad Region. Along with this, it is necessary to bear in mind that practice of rotation of staff is widespread in Sberbank. For example, top managers of the regional divisions chain the region of work nearly every two or three years. According to participants of the banking market, formerly Kurdyukov was remembered by a series of personnel reshuffles in the Volga bank of Sberbank in which he was the head until movement to St. Petersburg.
Sberbank is currently reforming its retail chain. In 2013, it disbanded 47% of offices of the network in the region and 50% in St. Petersburg. According to results of 2014, the share of reformed offices wall grow to 70%. Overall, the Northwestern bank of Sberbank has more than 1,080 offices including more than 330 offices in St. Petersburg.
Kostygin says, "I am inspired by experience of Sberbank that is not afraid of attraction of specialists from the most diverse industries." According to him, Sberbank tests a lot of new things now, "For example, the post of director for innovations taken by Victor Orovsky is illustrative. Such tests often end with success and we see this in Sberbank." In the last seven years, Sberbank turned from an archaic bank with queues in offices into a market player with modern offices, ATMs and products.
Banks turn into multi-product stores
Alexei Glavatskikh, director for retail business of the Northwestern directorate of Rosbank
Invitation of a top manager from retail to a big universal bank is an absolutely logical decision. Competition struggle is getting worse and for credit organizations it s fundamentally important to increase the share of the commission revenue not related to credit risk. Majority of the big banks turn into de facto multi-product stores, their services become more understandable and oriented at all client segments. These are top managers from big retail chains that will help banks to arrange the work in organization of sales, first of all, in the mass market segment and will contribute to the most efficient management of human resources, network of offices and remote points of sale and will allow management of the product range of banking products most efficiently.
Sergei Lepkovich, former managing director of the Northwestern division of X5 Retail Group
Pavlov is an adequate person and strong manager. The school of Pyaterochka and X5 Retail Group afterwards made him an experienced manager. The main thing that you get on the top positions is bravery and quickness of decision making, ability to convey ideas and directives from above to the lower levels. Pavlov knows this and he has encountered this frequently. It seems to me that retail and business of Sberbank are similar in many aspects: both work for the mass consumer. So, I am convinced that Pavlov wall cope with all his tasks on the new post and wish him good luck in this! I think that he has a real chance to grow to position of his incumbent boss in a year and to become already not deputy but director of the Northwestern division of Sberbank.
Biographies of employees of Sberbank who have moved to the bank from retail
Alexander Pavlov
In 1967, he was born in Crimea.
He graduated from the higher military school in Leningrad cum laude.
Until 1992, he was officer of the Armed Forces of the USSR.
In 1992, he started working in retail sector in various trading companies.
Since 2002, he worked in Pyaterochka chain
in St. Petersburg, he worked in X5 until 2011.
Between October of 2011 and April of 2013, he was director of the Northern division of Krasnodar-based Magnit chain.
Since March of 2014, he was advisor to CEO of the Northwestern bank of Sberbank. Family – he is married and has two children.
Lev Khasis
In 1966, he was born in Kuybyshev.
In 1989, he graduated from the Kuybyshev aviation institute.
1989 — director of the department of international relations of the Kuybyshev aviation institute.
1991 — general director of Samara Trading House
1993 — vice president of AvtoVAZbank.
In 1995, he graduated from the financial academy of the federal government.
1996 — vice president of Alfa-Bank
In 2001, he graduated from the St. Petersburg university of the Interior Ministry.
2002 — Chair of the Board of Directors of Trading House Perekrestok
Since 2006, he worked in Х5 Retail Group.
In September of 2011, he was appointed as senior vice president of Wal–Mart in which he was responsible for integration of the acquired chains, global synergy and innovations.
In August of 2013, he took the post of senior deputy CEO of Sberbank.
Ilya Belonovsky
In 1977, he was born in Yaroslavl. He graduated from the department of administration of the Russian state humanitarian university with profession "management."
In 1997, he started his career from management of the chain of branded stores of Kristall distillery.
In 2001, he came to Pyaterochka to position of director for regional purchases.
Since 2007, he was director for purchases of food products of X5 Retail Group.
In 2008, he became executive director of ACORT.
In September of 2013, he was appointed as advisor to the Senior Deputy CEO of Sberbank.
Timur Shternlib
He graduated from the Moscow state institute of steel and alloys.
Since 2002, he worked on various posts in TNK-BP.
Since 2005, he was director for IT in Alfa Group consortium.
Since 2006, he worked in Х5.
Since 2013, he had the post of advisor to Senior Deputy CEO – Chief Operational Director of Sberbank Lev Khasis.
In January of 2014, he was appointed as vice president of Sberbank.
Ekaterina Stolypina
In 1970, she was born in Moscow.
In 1993, she graduated from the Moscow state pedagogical university named after V. Lenin (specialty: Russian language and literature).
Between 1993 and 1994, she worked as trading representative in White-Hall company.
Between 1995 and 1998, she was manager and afterwards director of supermarket in Soyuzcontract company.
Since 1998, she was director of a supermarket of rectal chain Perekrestok and afterwards director of hypermarket and head of the department of nonfood products.
In 1998, she started working in Trading House Perekrestok.
In 2004, Ekaterina was appointed as director for nonfood products within the commercial department.
In 2005, she became commercial director of the company.
In 2007, she became the head of HR directorate of X5 Retail Group.
After 2013, she was head of the secretariat of Sberbank.
Ekaterina Rodonova
In 1994, she graduated from the economic department of MGU named after Lomonosov cum laude.
Between 1998 and 2000, she worked out and managed a project for development of staff in the Russian financial sector in the division of World Bank in Russia.
In 2006, she received Executive MBA degree in Stockholm School of Economics Russia. Experience of work of Ekaterina in HR sector amounts to ten years. Ekaterina worked on the key posts in the field of HR management in the biggest Russian companies – leaders of oil and banking industries.
Since 2006, she worked in X5 Retail Group.
Since 2012, she was director of the HR policy department of Sberbank.

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