Maykor, an all-Russian supplier of services in the field of outsourcing of IT and business processes, announced appointment of Pavel Rastopshin as senior vice president for corporate sales. The position is new in the company and is implemented for the purpose of improvement of efficiency of sales and broadening of cooperation with big commercial clients.
Since the moment of establishment, Maykor followed a strategy of rapid growth of the client base and permanent development of the line of services. As a result, the company serves more than 1,200 big and medium enterprises all over the country now and grows by more than 15-17% per year.
Tasks of Rastopshin will include provision of positive growth inside of the existing client base of Maykor, as well as promotion of services in the industries conservative from the standpoint of use of outsourcing like transport, metallurgy, production, energy, education etc. Companies from these sectors have a fairly big potential for increasing of efficiency and outsourcing may result in cutting of their expenses by hundreds of millions of rubles. Experience of Rastopshin in the field of management of IT In companies will contribute to strengthening of positions of Maykor on the target markets.
Rastopshin commented on his appointment, "In current economic conditions in Russia companies badly needs the business benefits and values that may be brought by outsourcing. All over the world this is reduction of expenses with preserving of quality of services, improvement of financial discipline, increasing of flexibility in management of operation and instantaneous access to innovations due to the competences of the outsourcer. Present time is the best moment for comparison of full internal expenses on the IT function with the alternative to buy it as a service. In many cases choice in favor of strategic partnership with a reliable outsourcer will be correct."
Pavel Rastopshin is a certified manager in the field of IT services with an overall working record of more than 15 years. He is an expert in the field of IT outsourcing, ERP systems and business applications, ITIL/ITSM. He has MBA degree of Stockholm School of Economics in "Strategic marketing." Now he continues studying in MIT Sloan in Management and Leadership.
He started his IT career on the side of the client having passed a path from system administrator to IT director in such sectors as FMCG, banks, industry, energy and telecommunications.
In the period between 2009 and 2011, he was the head of the Russian division of IT Service Management Forum. For more than five years he was occupied with sales of business applications in SAP CIS, in 2014 he was the head of cloud technologies and business solutions of SAP CIS. Since February of 2015, he was senior vice president for corporate sales of Maykor.

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