Today, President of RZD Vladimir Yakunin participated in work of the examination commission for defense of graduation projects of students of the corporate educational program of RZD holdng in modular format Executive MBA of Stockholm School of Economics of the seventh year of studying in St. Petersburg.
Yakunin emphasized that quality of graduation projects grew noticeably every year and thanked the lecturers for improvement of this educational program and graduates for responsibility and professional approach to preparation of the projects. He also emphasized importance and momentous nature of topics of the graduation projects and assured the audience that all proposals would be accepted for consideration and used in work of the company.
Yakunin was present at defense of several projects: "Improvement of the system of management of energy efficiency of production processes of RZD," "Building of a system of accumulation and involvement of employees into knowledge management for RZD," "Efficient management of real estate in conditions of vertically integrated structure of RZD," "Basics of formation of an efficient system of corporate management of joint-stock companies with state participation at the example of RZD" and "Development of projects of high-speed railway communication in Russia including projects with participation of private capital."
The corporate educational program of RZD holding in modular format Executive MBA has functioned since 2008 and corresponds to the first year of studying in Stockholm School of Economics. This program is developed in the framework of the strategy for development of HR potential of RZD. It is intended for training of top managers who strive for further development, acquisition of new knowledge, improvement of competences and broadening of the horizons of thinking.
More than 300 employees from the established reserve of managerial staff of RZD received certificates in the years of learning in the format of corporate program of Stockholm School of Economics. It is important to emphasize that all students who pass exams in educational modules and defend the graduation project successfully receive not only a corporate certificate but also a certificate of Stockholm School of Economics, which guarantees continuation of education in Stockholm School of Economics in the scope of full Executive MBA course in two years from the date of completion of the program to the students. Two best graduates of every release of the corporate program are given personal grants for completion of education under standard Executive MBA (ЕМВА) program of Stockholm School of Economics at expense of RZD and Stockholm School of Economics.
Forty-one people will become graduates of the corporation educational program this year.


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