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Russian business schools with MBA that it is possible to enter this summer.
It is good to learn business where you are going to run it: for those to whom Russia is interesting MBA education in Moscow and St. Petersburg may be more useful than in Wharton or Insead.

Forbes chose programs of business education in Russian schools accredited by prestigious Association of MBA (AMBA). Grants for students are offered in some of them and there are discounts almost in all of them in summer.
Graduate school of international business (RANEPA) 
Three business schools with AMBA accreditation belong to structure of the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. Thus, Graduate school of international business was accredited in 2007 and received renovation of the license in April of 2012. 
The school offers five programs from afternoon MBA courses to Executive MBA. In June, enlistment is in full swing and discounts are given in case of submission of documents by July 1. The school also has an additional system of discounts, for example, a 5% discount is given in case of recommendation from an alumnus of the Graduate school of international business. There is no system of grants and scholarships.
Institute of business studies (RANEPA) 
Institute of business studies has accreditation since June of 2012 for six of its programs including two EMBA programs run in cooperation with the business school of the University of Antwerp. Like in other business schools at RANEPA, there are various discounts in IBS — temporary, regional and according to recommendation that may amount up to 20% in total. No grants are implied.
The Moscow school of social and economic sciences and business school Kingston at RANEPA
International institute The Moscow school of social and economic sciences has a cooperative MBA program with British business school of Kingston university graduates of which receive two certificates. It is accredited by AMBA. Professors both from Kingston and from Russia teach in the framework of this program. It is possible to go to the UK for studying but this is not mandatory at all. As usual in RANEPA, there are no grants. There are discounts for students from outside of Moscow.
International management institute LINK
AMBA accreditation of this institute for two programs — MBA "Strategy" and MBA The Open University Business School — is in effect until 2016. Along with this, partner of the institute, The Open University Business School of the UK, has not only AMBA accreditation but also accreditations of two other biggest associations: European Foundation for Management Development and The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. There are approximately 50 business schools with three accreditations in the world in total. LINK offers a system of discounts (up to 15% in total), there have been no grants for learning in the institute in the last few years. 
Moscow international higher business school MIRBIS
At the beginning of 2014, MIRBIS was mentioned in the news because of suspension of the license of the Federal Service for Supervision in the Sphere of Science and Education but this problem was solved successfully. Now the institute has all documents for teaching necessary according to Russian law. AMBA accreditation of MIRBIS is in effect until July of 2014 and commission for reaccreditation will arrive to the institute at the end of June. The school offers two accredited MBA programs and one MA in management. There are no grants and scholarships in MIRBIS but there can be discounts.
Plekhanov business school Integral at the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics 
Since September of 2011, Integral has AMBA accreditation and head of the school Larisa Kartashova has been a member of the international accreditation council of the association. There are three MBA programs in the school and the basic department of state corporation Russian Technologies. There are no grants and scholarships and there special terms for graduates of the Plekhanov Russian University of Economics and those who already have economic or managerial education.
Moscow university for industry and finance Synergy
The university that offers online and offline education has campuses in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Dubai. Synergy was the first university that received AMBA accreditation in Russia in 2011. The current accreditation of eight programs renovated in October of 2011 is in effect for five years. Synergy does not offer grants but it offers discounts. 
Graduate school of management of St. Petersburg University
Three programs of the department of St. Petersburg University are accredited by AMBA until march of 2014. Among them is MBA with double certificate of St. Petersburg University and HEC Paris (students are taught in the English language). Besides this program it is also possible to undergo Executive MBA programs and to get corporate education in St. Petersburg University. 
International management institute St. Petersburg
Four programs of the institute (including one in cooperation with Gazprom) have AMBA accreditation. At the site of the association it is said that in one of the accredited programs students are taught in Spanish. However, site of the institute keeps silent about this. The St. Petersburg institute does not offer a system of grants, scholarships or discounts. 
Moscow school of management SKOLKOVO and Stockholm School of Economics Russia 
At the end, there are two schools that have no AMBA accreditation but that deserve mentioning. Business school SKOLKOVO is outstanding because the best known Russian businessmen have participated in its establishment: they read guest lecturers still. In SKOLKOVO it is possible to receive a grant of up to 30,000 euros for education. Stockholm School of Economics Russia is the only school from the top 100 of the rating of Financial Times that works in Russia directly. It offers discounts according to recommendation and privileged credits for education to students.

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