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Training and educational programs On June 11, Russian School of Management will organize seminar "Business processes: diagnosis and adjustment" in Moscow.
Audience of the seminar will learn to arrange business processes, to manage them, to evaluate efficiency and to take measures for improvement of business processes.
The following topics will be covered at the seminar: "Process approach: kinds of tasks and forms of management. Process and network of processes. Kinds of processes. Internal and external client," "Methodology of description. General register of processes. Cross functional map. Natural scheme and flow chart. Algorithm, CDC. IDEF0. Table. Process cart," "Regulation of the process. Structure and format of regulation. Instructions of participants. Patterns of key documents. Orders," "System of management of processes. Full model of the process. Efficiency indicators (KPI). Deming cycle (PDCA)," "Technology of conduction of consultations. Kinds of consultations for improvement project. Content of a typical consultation. Regulations of conduction," "Practicum: "Initiate a project of process improvement." Regulations. Team. Basic plan of work."
Between June 16 and 18, CBSD/Thunderbird Russia invites you to "Finance for non-financial managers" course in Moscow.
The course was developed for managers of medium level. The program includes the following topics: "The main notions of financial turnover, "Measurement of business efficiency," "Financial substantiation of resolutions," "Basics of budgeting" and simulation business game "From strategy to tactic" that will take place on the third day of the course and will help confirmation of the skills obtained during the training.
TSNTI Progress organizers seminar "Warehousing logistic and optimization of work of warehouses in the system of goods flow" in Moscow between June 24 and 26.
Logistic directors, managers and employees of any level of logistic, warehousing and financial structures of companies are invited to the seminar."
The main topics of the program: "Warehouses in the foods flow system. Management of supply chains," "Basic processes and technologies," "Calculation of operating resources, composition of norms and registration of work," "System of goods registration, safekeeping of goods and material values," "Management of quality of warehousing operations, budgeting (your warehouse/outsourcing," "Organizational tools of management of a warehouse," "Direction of optimization taking into account international trends and standards." Participants of the seminar will also get a production program in the form of acquaintance with work of an acting warehouse.
Between June 29 and 30, Business Training and Consulting Company will conduct seminar "Business negotiations: practical technologies of success" in Moscow.
Target audience of the event consists of commercial directors, managers of units, employees of commercial departments, sales and purchasing managers, client relations managers. The program consists of three modules: "Image of professional negotiator," "Negotiation tactics and technologies," "Ability to bargain."
Rich Karlgaard, The soft edge. Where great companies find lasting success — Mann, Ivanov and Ferber, 2015.
Publisher of Forbes, entrepreneur and investor Rich Karlgaard studied experience of many companies that have remained leaders in their segments for decades and drew a conclusion that a well-considered strategy and its accurate implementation were the key but not the only factors of success in business. There is also the third most important component in the form of values of a company. It is impossible to buy or to copy them but they ensure long-term health for business and enable it to cope with crises. In the course of his research Karlgaard revealed five key values of the real leaders. These are confidence, knowledge, teamwork, style and history. Results of the research that the author outlined in this book were illustrated by numerous examples from practice of the leading companies of the world.
Jens Nordfalt, Fundamentals of retailing and shopper marketing — Alpina Publisher, 2015.
Professor of Stockholm School of Economics, expert in retail marketing Jens Nordfalt wrote an extremely useful book for those occupied with retail trade. The reader will learn how the buyer makes a decision on purchase and how it may change right on the selling floor, why traditional marketing does not work in retail points of sale and which methods of product positioning and attraction of buyers' attention to it are the most efficient, will get acquainted with a new approach to management of the product range – management of product categories and methods of creation of an environment that stimulates purchases in a store.
Robert Ringer, Million dollar habits. 10 simple steps to getting everything you want — Tsentrpoligraf, 2015.
Well-known American entrepreneur, author of some business bestsellers Robert Ringer presumes that path to achievement of desired goals passes through certain simple habits. According to the author of the book, success is actually a habit for the while life. Relying on rich personal experience, Ringer explains which vitally important habits will lead to additional results in financial activity, professional career and private life.
Shep Hyken, Amaze customer every time: 52 tools for delivering of the most amazing customer service on the planet — Eksmo, 2015.
A practical guide from one of the most authoritative experts in the field of client services Shep Hyken. The author proposes 52 fundamental rules that will allow formation of serious competitive advantages for any company regardless of the field of its activity and size of business. The book contains a lot of inspiring examples that have to help entrepreneurs to achieve the highest skills in servicing of clients.


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