Useful knowledge for managers, Yana Pozolotchikova

Last Friday, graduates of a corporate educational program received certificates in St. Petersburg. This was the last group of students released in the existing modular format of Executive MBA of Stockholm School of Economics.

Vice President of RZD Dmitry Shakhanov reported to Gudok that the program fulfilled its task.

He remarked, "The main result is creation of a new type of modern manager. This is a manager diversely trained who has long-term advantages related to the corporate style of management."

This was the eighth group of students released in the framework of the corporate educational program of the holding and Stockholm School of Economics. More than 300 employees of the company learned in modular format Executive MBA in eight years of the program's existence.

This year, 34 employees of RZD received certificates of Stockholm School of Economics. Shakhanov stressed, "More than 40% of the graduates ascended the career ladder significantly due to knowledge and ability to use such instrument as corporate style of management that represented a big value for the company."
The holding encouraged four graduates of this year who graduated from the program with the best results with personal grants for completion of education in a scope of 70% of the costs. Two employees of the company – chief engineer of the center for examination and diagnosis of engineering installations of RZD Edlar Zagitov and director of the technical department of the Voronezh information and computing center Alexander Butov who scored the biggest points at the final testing won the right to study in Stockholm School of Economics free of charge.

Butov said, "This is my victory, it was fairly difficult for me to enter the program. I learned about its existence in 2010 and decided to study immediately. There are many opportunities there."


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