Johan Berglund CV



Johan Berglund



2002   Ek Dr (PhD) at Stockholm School of Economics
1990   BSc in Business Administration and Economics at Linkopings University, Specialization: Organization and Marketing
1985   High School diploma in economics and administration, Farsta gymnasium

2003-2004   In periods visiting fellow at Warwick Business School
2002-   Researcher and teacher at the Center for People and Organization (PMO) at Stockholm School of Economics
1993-1994   EDAMBA visiting fellow at Erasmus University in Rotterdam (6 months)
1991-2002   PhD student (researcher and teacher) at Stockholm School of Economics
2002-   Assistant professor, Stockholm School of Economics

I have been teaching mainly in the areas of management, organisation theory, human resource management, qualitative methodology, philosophy of science in both courses for undergraduate students, graduate students, MBA and PhD-students. Furthermore, I have been responsible for the course Organization & Management in Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia. I have also been involved in executive educational programs and currently I am a Programme Director for one or our two-year Executive MBA programs.
1992-1996   Teacher in the basic undergraduate course (5p) Organisation and Leadership.
1995-1999   Teacher in the advanced undergraduate course (20p) Organisation and Management.
1996-2000   Course Director in the undergraduate course (5p) Organization & Management (in English) at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia.
1997- 2005   Teacher in the course Qualitative Methods within the PhD programme.
2001-2002   Teacher and Course Director in the basic undergraduate course (10p) Organizing.
2001   Programme Director in the Executive Education course in Business Administration for top managers (mostly physicians) at Huddinge hospital in Stockholm (16 days)
2000-   Teacher in other Executive Educational programmes.
2004   Teacher and Course Director in the CEMS course in Strategic Human Resource Management (in English)
2004   Teacher and Course Director in the Full-time MBA course Human Resources – Knowledge, Competence & Learning (in English)
2004   Teacher and Course Director in the Full-time MBA course Organizational Change (in English)
2004-2006   Programme Director for an entire two year Executive MBA program (specializations: Business Development/IT and Health)
2006-   Programme Director Executive MBA, Stockholm School of Economics

I have had review assignments for the following journals (and conference):

The Academy of Management conference

Journal of Management Studies

Nordiska Organisasjonsstudier


Organization Studies

Scandinavian Journal of Management

In Swedish:
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Larsson, P & Berglund, J (2006)   Forandring och utveckling av skolor. Fyra kommuners initiativ for att skapa en attraktiv skola
In English:
Berglund, Johan & Jan Lowstedt (1993)   Management Awards - A Study of the Construction of Excellent Management. Handelshogskolan i Stockholm, EFI Research Paper: 6516.
Berglund, J. (1995)   "Beyond the Iron-Cages of Paradigms - The Concept of Smorgasbording" in Elfring, T. et al (eds.) European Research in Business Studies. Handelsh?jskolen & Munksgaard.
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