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Jorgen Hansson has contributed to the evolution of HR into a position strategic prominence in Swedish and Finnish companies and has introduced action learning and self managed learning into leadership development activities. He has facilitated this change as vice president of HR in two Swedish corporations with business units in Sweden and Europe, and as a consultant and author.


Jorgen has established himself as a thought-leader and leading consultant in Sweden within strategic HR. His first book became the HR Book of the Year in Sweden 1988. The book is still regarded as a leading authority in the field and is widely used as textbook at Swedish universities for strategic HR courses. Jorgen’s second book focuses on how to transform a HR-department to a player in business strategy formation and business performance. He regularly writes articles about strategic HR for national newspapers and is a frequent speaker within his field. Jorgen is also visiting professor at Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia.


For over 20 years, Jorgen has designed and led action learning programmes for managers and HR managers in large organisations. He has successfully introduced the concept of self-managed learning as a method for leadership training and development in Sweden and edited a book on the subject. In addition, he has been involved in the development of an executive development institute in Sweden that bases its leadership development programmes on action learning. Jorgen advises organisations on how to develop processes related to leadership development and succession planning. His ideas and experiences have been summarised in both books and articles.


An area of growing concern for Jorgen is the organising and leading of knowledge intensive organisations. In this area, Jorgen has co-authored books about virtual organisations and about leadership in knowledge producing organisations. To further this research interest, he is presently undertaking a PhD.


Jorgen has a MPhil in Critical Management from Lancaster University, UK, an MBA from Lund University, Sweden, and PhD studies in progress at Stockholm University.