International Business

The international business area deals with how to successfully do business with people and companies from other countries. An increasing amount of business is international in nature, thus, the skills gained during the international business module in our EMBA programs are critical for modern successful managers. While there is certainly some variation in content between different EMBA programs, the international business module of our EMBA programs will focus on how to enter foreign markets; how to create joint ventures, alliances, mergers and acquisitions; what strategies work best for international business; how to conduct international negotiations; and what leadership styles work best in different countries. We will also explore how cultural and institutional differences between countries influence management practices that work best in a given country. We will also devote special attention to doing business in China, Russia’s fast-growing large neighbour. We will also explore how national culture affects organizational cultures that are most effective in a given country. We will pay attention to both multinational and small firms in the module. We will also pay special attention to strategies and management practices that can best help Russian firms internationalize.