The Human Area

Business results are delivered by people. And spending much of your life in complex organizations, you are constantly facing the challenge of leading and influencing others. Therefore SSE Russia devotes three modules to the Human Area. The main topics include organizational design, human resource management, group dynamics, and leadership. In the module on Organizations, you learn to design efficient organizational structures, use organizational culture as used a management tool, create a learning organization, and how you can deal with organizational change. In the module on Human Resource Management, you learn to make the most of the existing talent pool in the organization and improve the talent pool. In the module on Leadership, you learn about effective leadership models and improve your skills in decision-making, negotiation, and public speech. We present the best practices in contemporary business and draw on research on human thinking and behaviour in psychology, sociology, economics, and organizational theory. Participants develop their knowledge and skills through problem-based and experiential learning in simulations, case workshops, lectures, and group discussions.