Elena Sidorenko

PhD, Associate Professor at St. Petersburg State University, Visiting Professor of the Stockholm School of Economics Russia

Elena Sidorenko is an Associate Professor at St.Petersburg State University, social psychology department and PhD in psychology. Elena was one of the founders of Stockholm School of Economics in Russia and worked as EMBA program director. Also, she held courses on Motivation. At the moment Elena Sidorenko works with educational programs developed by her own:

  • Transparent communication in the organizations
  • Personal influence and resistance to the influence of others.
  • Organizational loyalty development
  • Leadership and manager’s practical skills
  • Training methodology
  • New trainings creation methodology

Elena Sidorenko is author of many published books:

  • “Inferiority complex and early memories analysis in Alfred Adler’s concept” (1993)
  • “Experience of reorientational training” (1995)
  • “Methods of mathematical treatment in psychology” (1996)
  • “Motivational training” (2000)
  • “Training on influence and resistance to the influence of others” (2001)
  • “Training on communicational competence in business interactions” (2002)
Elena Sidorenko