Dean of Stockholm School called on russians to learn (Site news), October 03.10.2014

In the conference hall of Novotel on Thursday Anders Liljenberg, dean of Stockholm School of Economics Russia, met journalists at lunch to tell them about leadership and why it was worthwhile for managers of Russian companies to invest in their education right now.
Stockholm School of Economic has been working in Russia for more than 16 years and has seen many economic shocks. In any case, Liljenberg says that despite the default of 1998, the economic crisis of 2008 and the events that are going on now the school has never been going and is not going to quit the Russian market. Moreover so that, according to him, it is high time for Russians to invest in their own education now.
In the periods of economic uncertainty it is the best of all to invest money in relatively no-risk projects not to bear significant losses. Liljenberg explains that in this sense investments in education are the most suitable because they guarantee benefit in the long run. In an epoch of economic recession they demonstrate the biggest risk to profitability ratio.
The Dean of Stockholm School of Economics Russia presumes, "In a situation when a company experiences economic difficulties it also seems to me that it is high time for managers to look into themselves and to try to understand what exactly slows down development of business and what can the leader do to lead the company out of such situation."
Having spoken about leadership, Liljenberg recalled the statement of Dmitry Medvedev released in 2009 that it was due to such difficult economic situation that it was possible to understand how low was the quality of governance in Russian state structures. The expert explains that it is easy to be a leader in the periods of economic boom: it is possible not to do at all and everything happens by itself. Only when problems begin in the economy it becomes clear who is a real leader and who is not.
According to the Dean of the division of Stockholm School of Economics, important leader's qualities are modesty, ability to recognize you mistakes and ability to involve people into decision-making. On the one hand, the leader should make decisions independently, on the other hand, he should make them taking into account opinion of his subordinates. Along with this, only a weak leader will try to please everyone and to try to cause comprehensive love.
Liljenberg mentioned the growing interest of people who got enlisted to MBA programs in such topics as HR management and corporation social responsibility. Just a few years ago, many practices in these areas seemed not applicable to the Russian reality. Now their popularity is growing permanently. Along with this, programs of personal growth are not very much demanded in Russia possibly because people are simply not ready to discuss their problems in presence of other students.

Updated: 08.10.2014

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