The Alumni SSE Russia Community's conference "Business that creates the Future"

September 21, 10:00,

Location: 4th floor, 1/3 Malaya Konushennaya st, House of Sweden, St. Petersburg.

The Alumni SSE Russia Community is organizing the conference about building the strategy, innovations and technologies of the future.

  • How to build a strategy through the prism of today's efficiency?
  • What innovations will appear tomorrow?
  • How to achieve success tomorrow under the conditions of constantly changing business realities without losing out today?

Alumni SSE Russia will address these and other questions at the upcoming event. 

The conference "Business that creates the Future" will take place on Saturday, Sept. 21, in the School’s classroom in St. Petersburg. The participants will have the opportunity to discuss emerging strategies and technologies, their impact on their company’s operational management, motivational paradigms and marketing tools. 

The purpose of the conference is to go beyond current day-today tasks and familiar solutions through the exchange of views, discussions, and considering the past, present and future perspectives of strategy. The format of the conference implies the active involvement of participants in the discussion through case studies, workshops, cross-cultural and cross-industrial round tables.

To participate in the Conference as a speaker, please contact the event organizer: Marianna Volodina (

Description of the conference (presentation): Click here >>

The conference will be held on September 21 in the classroom room at SSE Russia: 4th floor, 1/3 Malaya Konushennaya st, House of Sweden, St. Petersburg. 

To register for the event, please, fill in the form or contact the organizer: Click here >> 


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