Social networks for business in self-isolation. Webinar by Elnara Petrova (Next Media)

April 28 at 18:00

Social networks are more in demand than ever. Many companies were forced to change their strategy, positioning, adjust the behavior and information flow. The most important thing to consider is to be in line with audience expectations. It is necessary to adapt oneself to the demands of today and do it as correctly and efficiently as possible. How to catch trends related to information distribution and remain up to them?
After all, the main thing now is not to let attention get lost. The situation is changing every day and long-term planning is irrelevant.
It is necessary to meet the demands of "here and now."

An overview of the strategies of different business accounts, the choice of content and presentation method, systematic presentation of information and much more - by Elnara Petrova, a professional in digital business, a graduate of the Business Zoom program.
Stockholm School of Economics and CEO of NextMedia Expert Marketing Agency.

On April 28, we invite you to join the webinar “Social Networks for Business in Self-isolation”, in which Elnara Petrova will tell:

  • what to write about,
  • how to choose the right message,
  • and also will analyze successful and unsuccessful examples of corporate content in the current situation.

The webinar will be held on the Zoom platform on April 28 at 18:00.
Duration - 1.5 hours
Participation is free.

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