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“In my library I have hundreds of books about creativity, creative organisations, creative economies, innovation, business ideas and so on. I have thick theoretical works, small colourful books explaining how creativity can help you get rich, and books on how creativity can save the world.”, claims Alf Regn. - But one thing I've learned very well is that books about creativity suffer from a complete lack of thereof!”

We can see that hundreds of books, articles, notes and studies on innovation pop up around the world every month. Add to that trainings that promise to develop creativity in everyone, and we realise that a whole industry has formed around the term "innovation". Initially deep in meaning, it has gradually begun to get devalued.

“During the past two decades innovation has gone from being a specialised term for product development to being a buzzword and a cliché. Almost everything is being referred to as innovation as long as it has even the most tenuous link to novelty, and organisations are rushing to describe themselves as innovative or as having creativity as a 'company value'.”, says Alf Rehn.

To state that the new normal demands new forms of thinking is dangerously close to becoming an empty cliché as well. At the same time it is evident that challenges such as innovation fatigue, innovation theatre, the coming age of AI, and the need to solve current problems places great demands on our capacity for novel, breakthrough thinking.

What are the issues with contemporary understanding of creativity and innovation? Is there potential for rethinking them through the latest theories and technologies?

Alf Rehn has been working with these questions for a long time and will offer you his answers, which begin with the statement that “creativity is a bully picking his nose and throwing dirty shoes on the table”. Feeling uncomfortable already? Great! If you are interested in the opinion of the author of Dangerous Ideas, you are definitely welcome.

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About speaker:
Alf Rehn is a globally noted thought leader in innovation, trends, and creativity; a sought- after speaker, as well as a well-regarded commentator on leadership and organizational culture. He has held the Chair of Management and Organization at Åbo Akademi University in Finland, a professorship of innovation and entrepreneurship at the Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden. Alf is currently a the Professor of Innovation, Design, and Management at the University of Southern Denmark, he sits on numerous boards of directors, and is in addition a bestselling author and a columnist and a strategic advisor for everything from hot new startups to Fortune 500-companies.

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