Webinar with Ashkan Fardost

June 24, Thursday
19:00-20:00 (Moscow time)

Webinar with Ashkan Fardost (Sweden) “The Internet Revolution: A tale of chaos, tribes & participation”

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“The basis of digitalisation is not the technology, but its impact on human behaviour,” says Ashkan Fardost.

Written language took us from tribes to farms. The printing press took us from farms to factories in cities. The internet is lunging us back to the tribe! But this time, the tribes are digital. And global. Four billion people—and counting—are participating. This radically changes how we shape our identities, organize our societies and companies, and how we collaborate and contribute to create value.

“A lot has happened, but social institutions haven’t kept up with it. Making an analogue service digital is not the same as digitalising.”

To emphasise the difference, he uses the English term digitisation as the name for the technical transition, while true digitalisation also covers a social change that requires new ways of thinking on several levels. «Digitalisation at a social level is about how we will reside, create, live and work. The Internet has linked up billions human brains to create one single great collective consciousness, and this has enormous consequences», Ashkan claims.

The webinar is free of charge.
The working language of the event is English and Russian, interpretation will be provided.

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About speaker:
Ashkan Fardost is a former artist and music producer, and nowadays is a researcher, TEDx speaker and lecturer in the field of innovation and digitalisation. By using his love for computers, digital software, as well as the internet, he moved on from music to science and received my PhD degree in organic chemistry from Uppsala University. Today he is a Hyper Island Collaborator and invest in Swedish tech startups through his firm Oddball Ventures. Askan is also writing his debut book on the meaning of being human in the internet era.

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