We, the team of Stockholm School of Economics in Russia, provide SSE programs participants with the opportunity to obtain inside the Russian borders a supplementary professional education, which is competitive on both domestic and international markets. Close cooperation with our students and alumni - executives and HR specialists of companies from all sectors of economy, ensures that we provided up-to-date and quality educational programs designed to achieve your goals and make you successful in the modern world.

Together we create sustainable results in every program!


Management Team

Our Management team comprises some of the most experienced and forward-thinking people of SSE. They has not only the day-to-day responsibilities of managing, but also work to ensure we stay true to our SSE main values – a mutual trust while striving for excellence by respecting others and being transparent.

  • Anders Paalzow

    President & Rector of Stockholm School of Economics in Russia

    Фото: Anders Paalzow
  • Tatiana Mitina

    Executive Director

    Фото: Tatiana Mitina
  • Katerina Hellström

    Academic Director of EMBA programs

    Фото: Katerina Hellström


Designing of the process and teaching methods are in the hands of our program directors. They ensure adherence to the thematic material by both the faculty and the participants throughout the program, constant and equal participation of everyone in the program, satisfying completion of all tasks, and that none of the participants are left out at any stage. Program directors are on-site and responsible for every course/module within the program. They also lead group processes and work with participants to help them convert and adapt knowledge to satisfy their personal and organizational needs and meet the challenges in the best way possible.

  • Vsevolod Krylov

    EMBA Programs Director

    Фото: Vsevolod Krylov
  • Aleksei Popov

    Open Programs Director

    Фото: Aleksei Popov
  • Pavel Novikov

    EMBA Programs Director

    Фото: Pavel Novikov
  • Alexey Gribanov

    EMBA Programs Director

    Фото: Alexey Gribanov


SSE Russia is a comparatively small school but our advantage is a dynamic international learning environment where majority of the courses are based on the latest research and the case study method. With a global network of more than 500 foreign and Russian faculty members, specializing in different areas of science and business, we rely on the best suited and most relevant experts for each course. The educators we engage for our programs have experience from the academic world, and many are seasoned business executives or consulting experts.

  • Henrik Andersson

    Corporate Finance

    Фото: Henrik Andersson
  • Rihards Garancs

    Business analytics

    Фото: Rihards Garancs
  • Svetlana Gurieva

    SSE Live Executive Master Thesis

    Фото: Svetlana Gurieva
  • Vassily Dermanov

    International Business

    Фото: Vassily Dermanov
  • Joachim Sandt

    Management Control

    Фото: Joachim Sandt
  • Vsevolod Krylov

    Relationship psycholog
    Human Resources
    Leadership Intelligence Development

    Фото: Vsevolod Krylov
  • Erik Modig

    Branding and digital marketing (elective)

    Фото: Erik Modig
  • Pavel Novikov

    Strategy and Change Management
    SSE Live Change Project

    Фото: Pavel Novikov
  • Yuri Romanenkov


    Фото: Yuri Romanenkov
  • Olga Udovichenko


    Фото: Olga Udovichenko
  • Mats Urde

    Brand Strategy

    Фото: Mats Urde
  • Per Hedberg

    HR Management

    Фото: Per Hedberg
  • Katerina Hellström


    Фото: Katerina Hellström
  • Andrew Schenkel

    HR Management

    Фото: Andrew Schenkel
  • Örjan Sjöberg


    Фото: Örjan Sjöberg


With the large number of our Executive MBA graduates and through our solid international network of business partners, we can introduce you to a number of successful like-minded people, trendspotters and leaders in their industries. They are business executives at various levels, researchers. Advisors we choose to collaborate with understand the business environment and entrepreneurship challenges in Russia.

  • Mikhail Chernyshev

    Business Development and Marketing Consultant "Dodo Pizza" / EMBA SM2

    Фото: Mikhail Chernyshev
  • Bronislav Gorbachev

    Founder of the Amadei platform / EMBA GMR5

    Фото: Bronislav Gorbachev
  • Dmitry Gorbachev

    Business Development Director, Severstal / EMBA GM18

    Фото: Dmitry  Gorbachev
  • Elena Kaplieva

    Head of Digital Marketing, MTS PJSC / EMBA GM18

    Фото: Elena Kaplieva
  • Igor Kolynin

    Marketing Director, STD "Petrovich" / EMBA SM3

    Фото: Igor Kolynin
  • Marina Lotosh

    Deputy Chairman of the management board SEB Russia / EMBA GM19

    Фото: Marina Lotosh
  • Michael Ruckman

    Founder, President and CEO Senteo

    Фото: Michael Ruckman
  • Lili Sheroziya

    Marketing Director at TV-3 Channel / EMBA GM15

    Фото: Lili Sheroziya