Mats Urde

PhD, Associate professor at Lund University

Mats Urde, PhD, is an associate professor at Lund University in Sweden and has earned an international reputation for his research. Mats Urde is a researcher and consultant in brand strategy. As a brand strategist and speaker, with a long track record of practical experience, he helps corporations and organizations to become more brand-oriented. Publications of Mats Urde can be found in Journal of Brand Management, Harvard Business School Working Papers, Journal of Consumer Marketing, and European Journal of Marketing.

Mats Urde’s knowledge and passion for the management and building of brands is reflected in his writing, lecturing, and work as a consultant. With his dissertation, he was one of the pioneers of brand orientation — a new way to work and understand the brands of a corporation.

For an organization, brand orientation means that brands become a hub for the strategy process. Brand orientation is a mindset where brand issues are viewed as critical issues by all members of the organization. The goal in a brand-oriented organization is to create, develop, and protect brands as valuable resources and as sustainable competitive advantages.

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Mats Urde