Two more SSE Russia groups graduated with an Executive MBA diploma

An official ceremony of awarding Executive Master of Business Administration diplomas from the Stockholm School of Economics to graduates of GMR11 and GM20 groups of the 2018 intake was held on June 18 at the State Academic Capella in St. Petersburg. SSE Russia EMBA alumni community already numbers 1300 people.

The program participants not only have two years of interesting and intensive studies behind them, but also an impressive list of books they have read, modules in Sweden, Italy, India, Georgia, a difficult period of required distance learning, visits to companies and learning about their best practices, meetings with EMBA graduates of different years and a continuous exchange of experience, ideas and cases.

Both groups started the program in 2018, but due to the pandemic, the duration of study period had to be extended, so that the maximum number of modules could be delivered face-to-face. The program focuses on group work, including the participants' company change implementation project and Executive Master Thesis (SSE Live EMT). So live networking is crucial.

45 students (of the 54 students in the two groups) presented their EMTs successfully and therefore became official members of the SSE Russia EMBA Alumni community, which now numbers 1,300 people. Covid-19 brought some changes, but the requirements for the participant’s education remained the same. Not everyone managed to complete the program, and this is completely normal, as only following the principles of SSE education system ensures that the quality of education remains at the highest level.

Congratulating graduates online at the beginning of graduation ceremony, Stockholm School of Economics President Lars Strangnegård pointed out that the SSE EMBA program is based on the FREE concept, which includes the development of critical thinking, self-awareness, empathy, social responsibility, entrepreneurship and creative thinking. "I know that your way of viewing and interpreting the world differs in comparison to the time when you started studying. You have many more doors opened now than when you started the program. And when you have a diploma from an institution like SSE Russia you truly have a chance to make a difference. You are all in a privileged position - your opportunities are nearly endless now. You are FREE to make choices and take on many different paths. Use your knowledge, your ways of thinking and newly acquired powers to make a difference."

SSE Russia's President Anders Paalzow continued: "We all have been waiting for this moment and I would say you deserve even more congratulations from an entire SSE family because we know that you have been working harder than all other groups due to the circumstances. Things changed a lot during past year. But there are things that do not change and remain the same – the diploma from the Stockholm School of Economics – is one of them. It stands for a lot of things, as president Lars Strangnegård mentioned. It also prooves that you have been on a challenging path of personal growth that will make it easier for you to turn your personal and career plans into visible results. I am confident that you will make an invaluable contribution to society as strong, competitive, responsible and committed business leaders."

GMR11 EMBA Program Director Veronika Voinovian reminded the graduates of their close connection with the School even after graduation: "I am delighted to see you all at this ceremony and I am sure that your families and loved ones are very proud of you. Today you finish your journey as students of the School, but at the same time begin your journey as alumni. May the School be a place of strength for you. And remember that you are always welcome at SSE Russia."

"Family creates a sense of continuity, of culture, of moving forward. And it seems to me that Stockholm School of Economics is in many ways the same as the family that has tried to inspire something new with its culture and example. Many of you have already noted the qualitative changes that have taken place during your studies", continued Vsevolod Krylov, director of the GM20 EMBA program.

Per Sønden, the Chairman of the Management Board of SEB Bank in Russia, also offered his congratulations to the  graduates and wished them good luck and success. Traditionally, representatives of the alumni community also made their speeches - SSE Russia Ambassador Fatih Egamediev, EMBA 2017 graduate, and the founder and president of Arman Holding International Company, Serikbay Bisekeev, EMBA graduate of 2000.

The awarding of Stockholm School of Economics EMBA diplomas from the hands of the School's President Anders Paalzow, the traditional hymn Gaudeamus Igitur and the tossing up of master's hats all marked the end of the major life stage and the beginning of a new one.

Graduates of 2021 commented on the first results of the SSE Russia EMBA program:

Evgeniy: "Although in many ways this is all theory - I feel that after 2 years I am completely different in comparison to the way I was when I came to the program".

Tatiana: "I would like to emphasize that positive consequences from SSE education are long-lasting. There are a lot of sub-products besides the direct knowledge and leadership skills, such as time-management in daily life, delegating tasks (including to family members), broader view on political affairs, new friends and networks and improved self-confidence. For me SSE education also indicates the importance of the life-work balance, which every leader I believe should be able to arrange in his\her life to live it happily".

Alexey: "I am looking for new opportunities to grow at the moment. I guess one of the principles that SSE imprinted in me was never to stop learning. I would rather rephrase it in the following manner – do not stop learning and help others learn something new".

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