Alumni in St. Petersburg

On March 10, our alumni held their first post-2019 live meeting in an SSE classroom in St. Petersburg. Marianna Volodina, the organizer and ideological inspirer of the meeting, gathered unique speakers from among the alumni. They discussed current topics - how social networks work, what to do not to get lost there, why a good long story is better than 9 good news. We also touched on moments of leadership energy - how this energy accumulates, grows and helps to achieve success, as well as why fears are our main obstacle to growth.

Speakers included:

Elnara Petrova, director of SMM-agency NextMedia, recognized as an influential woman of St. Petersburg.

Yulia Savitskaya, founder of the CRM marketing agency SHEMA

Marianna Volodina, founder of Man-Creator Academy

There was not a lack of teamwork, where participants (more than 20 people) outlined the opportunities which the new age with all its difficulties and unpredictability opened before them. After the end of the participants actively shared their impressions.

Natalia: "It is so cool to be in the same company of SSE alumni from 1998 to the current flows, I was high! It was so cool!"

Olga: "I am really thankful and appreciating meeting you!"

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Elnara Petrova
Elnara Petrova