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Alumni SSE Russia discussed the future

"Business that creates the Future" – the conference on building the strategy, innovations and technologies of the future took place on Saturday, Sept. 21, in the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia classroom in St. Petersburg.

A large-scale project conceived by the Alumni SSE Russia community was positively accepted at the early stages of its planning. The School supported the initiative and assisted in the organization by taking on the administrative issues, providing premises and information support. "This conference is another evidence of mutual trust and mutual open communication between the School and Alumni community," said Anders Paalzow, President of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.

During the conference the participants discussed emerging strategies and technologies, their impact on the company operational management, the motivational paradigm and marketing tools.

Among the speakers and presentations there were:

Alexey Stepanov, Head of the Severstal Marketing and Sales Development Center, Head of the Exponential Organizations Expertise Center: Exponential organizations - myth (hype) or reality.

Igor Kolynin, Marketing Director of STD "Petrovich": Creation of a new customer journey, anticipation of clients’ new needs and desires.

Zoya Popova, Executive Director of the “Anton's Right Here” Charitable Foundation Center: What is the Charity - "The third sector" or business strategy? Who and why does business help.

All the participants were actively involved in discussions and case studies. Particular excitement surrounded the vision for the future session from the Centre for Science and Technology Foresight at the ITMO University there the participants were divided into groups, in which they analyzed dynamic strategies, built Development Maps, recorded the market development trends and discussed opportunities for their companies and the speakers’ companies.

At the end of the event, the participants expressed their desire for the Alumni SSE Russia community to expand the confines of the conference beyond the School’s graduates’ ranks, to turn it into an annual event significant at least on the city scale.

"Of course, such business events organized by the Alumni and the team of like-minded people are a valuable contribution to the School’s development and the maintenance of its image. We hope that they will be able to continue what they have started, and Alumni conferences will be held on a regular basis, attracting more and more attention not only from members of the community, but also from other representatives of the business sphere," commented Vsevolod Krylov, Director of Development at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.

The cooperation between the Alumni community and the School is expanding year after year: Alumni visit lectures as gesture speakers more and more frequently, organize company visits and participate in the information sessions.

Marianna Volodina, one of the organizers of the conference: "This is the first big project of the initiative Alumni SSE Russia group, which we organized under the umbrella of SSE in St. Petersburg. We have created this project to be a long-term one and intend to hold the conference annually counting on the involvement of our talented graduates and School’s representatives".

The next Alumni community events on the School’s premises are planned for April 18, 2020 (Moscow) and September 26, 2020 (St. Petersburg).

Alumni SSE Russia

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During the conference
During the conference