Press Release
1 January 2019 

The Board of the Stockholm School of Economics Russia (SSE Russia) has appointed Anders Paalzow, Rector of SSE Riga, as Rector of SSE Russia. On January 1, 2019 Anders Paalzow will take over from Anders Liljenberg who has been in the position for 12 years.

“I am delighted by this appointment and look forward to ensuring that SSE Russia is able to sustain the impressive level of development it has enjoyed in recent years. I will be working alongside the Board and my new colleagues to make sure that we maintain and develop the very important operations in SSE Russia”, says Anders Paalzow, new Rector of SSE Russia.

“I am personally very pleased that Anders Paalzow will take on this important responsibility. In his role as Rector of SSE Riga he has proven strong leadership in an environment that requires academic rigour, high sensitivity and an entrepreneurial mindset. I’m convinced that he will identify valuable synergies between our institutions in Riga and Russia and am very much looking forward to continuing our cooperation”, comments Lars Strannegård, President of the Board of directors of SSE Russia and President of the Stockholm School of Economics.

“I would also like to thank Anders Liljenberg for his outstanding contributions to SSE Russia. Under his energetic and rigorous leadership SSE Russia has developed into an institution of highest academic standards”, continues Lars Strannegård.

Anders Paalzow will remain in his role as Rector of SSE Riga and divide his time between Russia and Latvia. Anders Liljenberg will return to his faculty position as Associate Professor at the Stockholm School of Economics. SSE Russia and SSE Riga will remain separate entities.

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Anders Paalzow, Rector of SSE Russia
Anders Paalzow, Rector of SSE Russia