GM19 group visited Care Center “Anton’s Right Here”

GM 19 group took part in a new social activity - an open rehearsal of the Orchestra “Anton’s Right Here” with the participation of the students of “Anton’s Right Here” Center - adults with autism and other special needs.

The open rehearsal of the Orchestra - a distinctive creative project with a touring history and recorded album - and then communication with its members and the Center staff was a great way for GM19 to dive deeply into the subject, get a new communication experience and get rid of some stereotypes about people with autism.

“Very unusual and fascinating activity! I think we all got some part of kindness and inspiration from participating in the rehearsal and communication with students”
“This activity brought our group together (helped to be closer), many guys opened for me from a new side. I think we all became more attentive to each other and the world around”
“It is very interesting and immersive! Makes you look at things differently!”

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 “Anton’s Right Here” Center
“Anton’s Right Here” Center