MTS has appointed Elena Melnikova (EMBA GM18) director of advertising technologies

Mobile Tele Systems PJSC (“MTS”), Russia’s leading provider of media and digital services, announces appointing Elena Melnikova both director of advertising technologies and the head of Stream LLC - a 100% owned affiliate of MTS, which develops advertising products for the MTS Group. 

Elena Melnikova is a Executive MBA GM18 group graduate of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia. We congratulate Elena on her promotion and wish her the energy and inspiration to achieve new goals!

"Everything paid off many times, not only when it comes to practical skills, but also in terms of awareness, motivation, willingness to do new things, to see how you succeed, what small victories you meet on your way. And, probably, the biggest satisfaction is that by the end of the 14th module, you see how the picture is put together from the big fragmented puzzle, and you finally start to see how each of the fragments can be applied to your new project and how much it changes your professional results", Elena shares the outcomes of her EMBA program at the Stockholm School of Economics in her interview.

In her new role as director of advertising technologies Elena will manage the Digital Advertising and Information Product Centre, as well as the MTS Agent Support Product Centre, which is responsible for monetizing Ad Tech and Mar Tech products based on Big Data. As the head of Stream, she will expand the portfolio of advertising products and improve the quality of customer support in the field of advertising and omnichannel communications.

Commenting on the appointment, MTS president Vyacheslav Nikolaev said: “MTS has ambitious plans to change the Russian advertising market. Our technological capabilities – cross-channel analytics and Big Data tools – combined with a deep understanding of the specifics of this market will allow us to introduce new approaches to the planning, implementation and evaluation of the efficiency of advertising campaigns. We plan not only to develop our own capabilities in this area, but are also open to partnerships that will help bring to a new level the success of advertising in Russia. Such large-scale plans require us to make organizational changes, the key to which will be the creation of the position of director of advertising technologies and the appointment of Elena Melnikova to this position. Last year alone, under Elena’s management, MTS’s advertising revenue grew fivefold, and we look forward to further growth in this segment in the coming years. Her appointment will allow us to improve seamless work with clients who use both a traditional portfolio of services of MTS, and new products”.

MTS's key products in digital advertising are the “MTS Market Analytic” and “MTS Research” -  services for audience analysis, independently targeted advertising and lead generation. The MTS Market Analyst platform is used to run more than seven thousand advertising campaigns every month.

Biography of Elena Melnikova
Prior to assuming her new role, Elena Melnikova was the head of the MTS Digital Advertising and Information Products Centre after 2018. Between 2015 and 2018 she had been working as Marketing Director of Medsi Group and Prosveshchenie educational holding company. Before that she had been managing projects at the Swedish Trade and Investment Council in Russia for over 13 years, promoting such companies as Atlas Copco, Nordic Clinic and Astra Zeneca in the Russian market. Elena graduated from St. Petersburg State University with a degree in International Relations and completed an EMBA degree program at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia.


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Elena Melnikova, EMBA GM18
Elena Melnikova, EMBA GM18