BUSINESS EDUCATION IN THE SWEDISH WAY, Anastasia Stolbova (Site news), May 02, 2017

Why a good businessman should never stop learning? What do people who have come to EMBA program wish? And what are the differences between Russian students and foreigners? Anna Izmailova, head of the marketing and sales department of Stockholm School of Economics in Russia explained this to Ponedelnik.

- Anna, the task of the school is teaching Russian businessmen international business standards but there is local specific everywhere. What do you think "business in Russian way" like and what is its difference from the European one?

- Standards of Executive MBA program are known all over the world. A manager with EMBA degree has a certain set of knowledge and skills in finance, marketing, HR and strategy. Along with this, you are right, every country has its own business laws. Lecturers who have been working with us for more than 20 years already help us to get adjusted to Russian realities. They managed to adapt the practical part of lessons as a result of communication with participants of the program, analysis of their cases, conversion of exiting models and technologies into certain examples. Participants of the programs also make a serious contribution to the process of education studying real working situation during the educational modules. Cases for analysis are provided by students - directors and owners of Russian business or managers of Western companies working on the territory of Russia.

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