Congratulations on the beginning of a new academic year​

Congratulations on the new academic year not only to all new participants of 2020 programs, but also to the second year Executive MBA program students!

I am thrilled to observe how our attitude during the new circumstances still maintains a supportive and encouraging learning environment that is common to all Stockholm School of Economics campuses. Year after year, I admire the ability of our participants to use their multitude of talents and deliver visible and repeatable results to make a valuable difference in a variety of business and social projects across a wide spectrum of fields. I am convinced that the tradition of diversity of life and professional experiences exchange among current students and Alumni of the School in order to achieve the goals of business development, social movements and organizations in the nonprofit sectors, will continue.

Anders Paalzow,
President of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia

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Anders Paalzow
Anders Paalzow