Co-operation agreement with Prosveshcheniye holding. Press Release.

Press Release

Stockholm School of Economics in Russia and Prosveschenie Education Holding will be developing joint programs for lifelong learning




June 2, Saint-Petersburg

Dean of the Stockholm School of Economics Anders Liljenberg and President of the Prosveschenie Education Holding Vladimir Uzun have signed a cooperation agreement in the course of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. The parties plan to develop joint educational programs for adults and publish business literature.

The modern economy requires high-speed education coming from the changing world and evolving new needs of employers. This necessitates development of life-long models of education.

“We are delighted to explore different ways of cooperation in the sphere of higher business education together with Prosveschenie Holding in light of the unique status of this company in the Russian society”, confirms Anders Liljenberg.

“The educational revolution is not just in new technical tools, but in that at the present time, more than previously, people become architects of their own education”, said Vladimir Uzun. “Today we are implementing a new strategy of development aimed, first of all, at the ultimate learning results of users. With this regard it is very important to unite efforts with one of the leading international business schools both for development of specific educational programs and defining our common position in the sphere of adult education”.

The parties will promote active involvement in dissemination of knowledge and adult education of representatives of the intellectual elite, public associations and creative unions acting in the Russian Federation. Another area of cooperation will be joint publication of business literature for business owners, managers, consultants, students and Executive MBA programs’ participants.


Prosveschenie Education Holding

Prosveschenie Education Holding has been operating in the sphere of education for 86 years. This is a continuous creative work by a large team of professionals dealing with relevant challenges set by the society for the country and the system of education.

Resources of Prosveschenie Holding include modern educational methodology and practice. The company offers comprehensive educational products covering professional services for teachers, educational programs for school children and their parents, equipment for learning process, and educational materials. Practical results demonstrate that interest in these products exists not only in the national system of education.

Among partners of Prosveschenie there are both Russian and large international companies: Express Publishing, Cornelsen, Klett, CLEInternational, Anaya, Didacta, Westermann, etc.

The priority of the company is combination of tradition and innovation in education, and its goal is improvement of the learning outcomes. Products and solutions developed by the publishing house are aimed at development of XXI century skills that are necessary for exponential growth of the Russian economy and society. Every year Prosveschenie demonstrates a steady growth of production: 79.2 mln copies of materials were published in 2016.



Stockholm School of Economics is an international business school (established in 1909 году), successfully managed from Sweden and having offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The School opened its doors in Russia in 1997 by presenting at the educational market international high-quality programs for successful entrepreneurs with global outlook and management experience. Executive MBA programs and corporate programs of the School are in stable demand at the business education market.

In 2017 the Stockholm School of Economics is celebrating its 20th anniversary in Russia together with 2,000 alumni who graduated from the School during this time.



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