Regulations and information regarding the coronavirus

The Stockholm School of Economics in Russia is closely monitoring the situation and updates its regulations and the information available as the developments come to light. We are keeping up with all the advice being issued by the World Health Organization, Moscow Healthcare Department and the Head of the Federal Service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Well-being (Rospotrebnadzor).

Due to the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection (2019-nCoV), in order to take care of the health of all employees and programs participants, as well as following the orders of the authorities and a decision by its President, the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia has decided to refuse people with suspected illness or diagnosis of "Covid-19" or the ones who have returned to Russia following a visit or stopover in affected regions, listed by the Moscow authorities, access to SSE premises.

"According to the decree of the Mayor of Moscow (of 5,March, 2020) the affected countries with the most unfavourable situation include China, South Korea, Iran, Italy, France, Germany and Spain. Citizens who come from these countries have to adhere to a number of requirements. Those who come from these countries must call the Department of Health's hotline 8-495-870-45-09 to inform of their arrival, leave their contact information and go into self-isolation, i.e. not to leave home".

All SSE Russia students, teachers and members of staff, to whom the above mentioned concerns apply, are strongly advised to the self-isolate at home for a period of 14 days from the date of their return to the Russian Federation. This also applies if you are living with somebody who has been on such trips.

Stockholm School of Economics in Russia has sent recommendations and rules of attending the modules to the programs participants by email. Among other things, it is not recommended to travel to countries with a bad epidemiological situation. Please re-consider any travel plans you might have or look into other options. If necessary, сontact your program director or manager to discuss your individual situation.

The coronavirus outbreak unfortunately may mean disruptions to some of our scheduled activities, but we are doing our utmost to mitigate such possible instances. We are monitoring the situation closely and will update the information if any changes occur.

Hygiene and prevention (the recommendations of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia):

    • No handshakes
    • Wash your hands frequently and use antibacterial gel if needed
    • Cough/sneeze into your arm or napkin
    • Avoid touching your face
    • Avoid contact with sick people
    • Avoid traveling to regions with active disease outbreaks
    • Think carefully about any trip. Book tickets and a hotel with a cancellation option
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