Dr. Anders Liljenberg told CEOs, how to increase business growth


On April 11, 2014 Dr. Anders Liljenberg, dean of the Stockholm School of Economics Russia, spoke at the conference "Russian board of directors: how to increase business growth."

According to Dr. Liljenberg, market relations imply not only market participants, but also the relationship between market participants.

Relationships between market participants offer a new sociological perspective on market relations.

Dr. Anders Liljenberg offered 5 ways of reorientation of business in the sociological plane:

1. increase production capacities and become freer in commercial terms
2. ensure that you understand their business partners - they affect you and your business
3. be a leader and not the chief
4. remember that you are competing not only for the buyer, but for position in the market as a whole
5. your market relations consist of components for which it is important to find a balance : friendship, alliance , deal and competition.

At the end of his speech, Dr. Anders Liljenberg reminded the audience that in the modern market relations, there are factors that inhibit the growth of the company: the excessive and wasteful consumption of resources, excessive dependence on other market participants, the rejection of innovation, creativity deterrence.


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