Education is the best investment!

Popular internet media resource Meduza ( ) released a material on the topic “Education – best investment. We explain with Stockholm School of Economics”.

The authors of the article provide the data of survey on ROI from business education and answer relevant questions. Among them – how business education helps with career development, how education is related with life expectancy etc.
In 2011, in Sweden, a public survey was conducted among those who had formal education in adulthood.

The interviewees answered why they got additional education. The answer “To change the job” took only the third place, “to get the diploma” – took the fourth place, “to be more efficient at work” – took the fifth one and “to start my own business” – took only the seventh place.

First two months appeared humanity fundamental – address the gaps in general education, and then get the knowledge in the area interested for a program participant. Among them who got «non-formal education» the first two positions remained the same but switched places.

In other words, two mutually exclusive things coincide in the process of education.

On the one hand, people fulfill their basic demand in getting new knowledge, and on the other hand – make good money doing it.

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