GM20 has just started another module dedicated to business context. The module takes place in Stockholm in the premises of Stockholm School of Economics. The content is really saturated with company visits (among them to the worldknown Oriflame), theoretical lectures and multiple cases. The participants will learn why it is important to follow the dynamic of the macro environment and how to react on the changes within a short- and longterm perspective. Macro environment will appear as a challenging complex of political risks, globalisation, decreasing biodiversity,  increasing gap between rich and poor population, corporate social responsibility and even the latest trend in the society – sustainability. 

Modules in Sweden have always been a special event for the students of EMBA programs because they not only study in the SSE building but also get an unique opportunity to see the Swedish life as it is. The difference appears in many smaller details – salmon in the central lakes of Stockholm, ecologically friendly residential houses in wood, sidewalks adapted for the handicapped people and thousands of bicycles all around. Face to face talking to the top managers discloses a different approach of the Swedes to management principles which are based here on trust and personal responsibility.

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During the module
During the module