The Stockholm School of Economics in Russia president visited the Green European Economy Day

The president of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia Anders Paalzow visited the General Consulate of Finland in St. Petersburg on November 22 to take part at the Green European Economy Day. The event aimed to show how European businesses in Russia already operate in a “green way” on the Russian market and to show what companies and sometimes the entire cities are doing to improve their environmental performance.

"More and more European companies are building their businesses according to the principles of the circular economy. This buzzword, same as sustainability, has already turned into a real business development strategy in many European countries. The circular economy offers not only significant environmental and social benefits, but also new opportunities – it is a driver for growth and investment as well. I am sure that the Russian companies future is beholden to both "green" solutions and values of sustainable development", - Anders Paalzow commented on the outcome of the event.

The event was arranged as a part of the Finnish Presidency in the European Union. In the spirit of Nordic cooperation, the Swedish Consulate General was the main partner for the event.

The General Consul of Finland, Anne Lammila noted that a lot initiatives to reduce Finland's environmental footprint are being taken, including at the Consulate itself. For instance, instead of using printed documents, the idea is to maximize the use of digital applications and solutions based on the circular economy. The Consulate aims to feed its employees and guests organic, nearby produced and mostly vegetarian food and offer clean tap water instead of bottled water. Ms. Lamilla is convinced that sustainable development principles can also be applied by the Russian businesses. Environmental friendliness, according to the Consul, is a set of simple behaviors in combination with the change in the way we think.

Morten Frankby, Consul of the General Consulate of Sweden in St. Petersburg claims that the future belongs to the green economy and circular economy. The Nordic countries want to become the most environmentally friendly countries in the world in 10 years, and to prosper without using fossil resources by 2045.

Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti shared their achievements in environment protection - the city will become the first European Green Capital by 2021. "Cities are both a problem and a solution to the climate change. We all have to create conditions for a comfortable urban life for future generations", - the mayor explained.

He also announced the signing of a strategic agreement for environmental cooperation between the City of Lahti and the Committee for Use of Natural Resources, Environment Protection, and Environmental Safety of the City of St. Petersburg, concerning water protection measures of the Baltic Sea in urban areas, the cooperation of experts, especially in the field of circular economy, environmental education and air quality.

At the panel discussion the representatives of European companies in Russia - IKEA, Essity, Tikkurila, Accountor, Prisma, Ahlers, shared their experience of "green" measures implementation in their companies. Whether the business is focused on paint, hygiene products, groceries, furniture, IT, logistics or car tyres, - they can all make a difference. All of them can reduce the negative impact on the environment and implement environmentally friendly business practices.

Stockholm School of Economics takes into account the recent environmental trends and includes not only lectures on sustainable development, but also visits to the companies, that are the most successful in this field, into its curriculum. "We hope that this approach will help Russian entrepreneurs develop a responsible attitude towards caring for the future generations," - says Anders Paalzow.

Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti

Pekka Timonen, Mayor of Lahti, European Green Capital 2021

President of Stockholm School of Economics in Russia visits European Green Economy Day

The Green European Economy Day

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Anne Lammila<br/>Consul General of Finland
Anne Lammila
Consul General of Finland