Graduation of 2 EMBA groups

The ranks of alumni of the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia have been joined by new members. On July 1 diplomas were awarded to graduates of two more groups of Executive MBA programs. Training began back in 2020 and was supposed to finish in 18 months, but covid-19 made amendments to the schedule. Both the School and the participants showed persistence and tenacity, so that the restrictions in force would not become an insurmountable obstacle. We had to change class locations, which, of course, was a major challenge, as it required a significant increase in spent resources. However, on the other hand, the groups gained additional invaluable experience due to the fact that the standard program was supplemented with a bright cultural component: excursions in the streets and museums of Belgrade, exploring the old Istanbul and its monuments, immersion in the atmosphere of centuries-old and hospitable Tbilisi.

The Swedish management of SSE Russia could not attend the diploma award ceremony in person, but they both spoke and participated thanks to new videoconferencing technology. "Building bridges between nations has always been and remains an important part of our work,- said Anders Paalzow, president of SSE Russia. - That is why the School considers it its duty to always and under all circumstances fulfill the commitments it has made”.

It was pleasant to see that distances did not become an obstacle for the majority of alumni. Participants from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Minsk, Ufa, Magnitogorsk, Orel, Kazan, Tyumen, Cherepovets, Novosibirsk came to St. Petersburg not only to get EMBA diplomas, but also to see their classmates again. "The voyage of your ship is over, - summed up the director of EMBA program Pavel Novikov. - However, the experience gained while travelling through the waves of EMBA program hardened you and turned you into real sea wolves, who can now steer a business boat of any size with confidence".

The first EMBA group at the Stockholm School of Economics in Russia was recruited in 2001. Since then, 44 groups have already completed their education. The next two groups are expected to graduate in the summer of 2023.    

 solemn moment of graduation

EMBA 2022

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Solemn moment
Solemn moment